Are Recruiters Lazy?

A quick view of my LinkedIn newsfeed indicates that most are. The complaints I hear from job seekers also tells me that they’re sick of spammy messages. And next you’ll tell me these methods work - but will they continue to?

When agents are paid on results, why is there a preference to spray & pray? Surely you'd want to go hunting and track down the candidates who your clients will love? Those beyond their reach.


Your market is tough. Your clients are learning to find people themselves, so it's time to smarten up your act.

I'd even go so far to say that they are doing a better job than many of you. Yep, you heard me.

At Havas People’s Social Media Week London event, Michelle Palin from Network Rail spoke about the great success they’d had using Facebook for apprentice and graduate recruitment. Then at The Recruitment Society’s 'Social Media What’s new for 2014?' event Andrew Grier talked about the great success they’d had sourcing directly on LinkedIn, globally. The amount of money they’re taking out of the recruitment industry is staggering.

…and don't think it’s simply the blue chips who are making massive savings.

So how do you compete?

You get smart and become valuable.

Find a pain point and solve it.

For example, at TheJobPost’s Talent, Social & Mobile Summit keynote speaker Dimitar Staniniroff said that there are 4 job vacancies per developer. This is a pain point for companies that you could solve.

Word of Mouth (Stuart Miles via your reputation.

Social media is word of mouth on steroids, use it to your advantage. Create complete online profiles, injected with your personality, and don’t hide behind anonymity (yawn!) Watch for typos, clean up any unflattering Facebook pics, and use a great profile pic. Seek out genuine recommendations. Then get involved in bi-directional conversation, add insight, share great content, and avoid job broadcasting.

Use your phone!

You know that feeling you get when you get an actual piece of mail, a genuine letter? Receiving a phone call is becoming similar. So few recruiters do it, they prefer the lazy email or LinkedIn message. Stand out, get dialling.

Exploit your chosen niche.

Work hard to build relationships in your niche, both online & offline, know the people your client won’t be able to find easily. And I don’t mean be a specialist in IT, I mean become the go-to person for Java Developers, say. By understanding the technology, talking to candidates thoroughly so you know what they look for in a new role (which won’t be what you expect it to be) and keeping focused on your specialty, you’ll soon be opening unexpected doors.

Be fast but only offer the right person!

The respect I earned by going, “You know what Mr Client? I can't find anyone I am happy to submit to you and this is why…" Work hard to solve your client’s recruitment pain but don’t throw mud hoping something will stick. Their success depends on the people they hire, so make yourself an invaluable part of their future.

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Katrina Collier

Katrina Collier is a speaker, trainer and writer, showing recruitment companies how to recruit using social media.

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