5 Ways to Use Social Media to Win Clients

Recruitment is an ever-expanding industry, and with competition fierce you don't want to fall behind the rest, especially when you are trying to attract new business leads. If you are finding that your competition is snapping at your heels, then it might be time to re-evaluate your social media usage in order to boost your agency ahead of the game. Have no fear, here are a few tips to help you along the way to social media success:

1. Make time for social media, and make it count 

If you really want to gain that competitive edge you need to commit a decent amount of time (whether it's your own or shared between a few people) to keep your agency live and connected to others within the world of social media. Whilst your agency might have social media platforms if you don't use them then your potential business leads, who are using social media, will forget about you and turn to others who keep them interested and engaged. Utilise software built into some social media sites which allows you to track the success of your usage. You will be able to evaluate the success, engagement levels and activity on your page for example.

2. Know your audience..and follow them

Following potential clients is very important and can be done on all social media platforms. It might be useful to firstly identify the site they use the most to concentrate more of your time on. This shows you are interested in them, opens a conversation and invites them to follow your agency. Furthermore, following the businesses that your potential clients follow shows that you have mutual interests. It is also important to remember that active communication is key between your agency and clients, so once you have opened that conversation by following them you need to maintain the connection.

3. Getting noticed - a little 'like' will go a long way

It may seem like a thankless task to simply 'like' statuses that your clients post, articles that are relevant to them or pages that might be useful to them. However, this allows your client to see that you are taking an active interest not only in them, and it will gain you that all important attention. Other ways to increase awareness of your agency's social pages are to utilise social media features such as joining trends with the hashtag on Twitter and tagging pages to your posts, comments or pictures.

4. Be visual and eye-catching

Don't be afraid to step away from the norm and be creative with your social media pages - from its design to the things that you post on it. Make sure that you have shown commitment to your page by completing the design with your branding - it should embody who your agency are and what they do. Embrace variety and use visual aids from Pinterest and Instagram that will break up the ordinary and engage your clients in a different way.

5. Post and share relevant content

If you want to entice your clients to your page and keep them interested you need to show them that you understand their needs. Post your own content, or share news articles, blogs, websites, client testimonials or fun facts that your prospective business leads will find relevant or useful to them. Clients will gain confidence in your agency and give you that competitive edge because you will be demonstrating your knowledge of, and interest in, their industry.

It would be even better if you’re able to source content from your own website, such as a blog, to drive traffic directly back to you. Furthermore, don't be daunted by the task of having to repeatedly post the same thing separately over your different social media accounts. Some can be easily linked such as Instagram to Twitter and Facebook, and Twitter posts to Facebook.

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Kirsty Nimmo

Language and Literature graduate Kirsty loves everything social media related. She's a currently a Marketing Officer based in Glasgow.

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