How to Keep Recruiters Productive in the Snow

The snow might be preventing your employees from getting in to work and giving your managers a headache trying to work out what recruitment activities they can cover, rearrange or even cancel. It's times like these that recruitment teams who've already made the switch to online recruitment software can really reap the benefits!

Snows.pngRecruitment Software is becoming increasingly important for recruitment companies, and it's times like (s)now that you can understand why! With the right cloud-based recruitment software, as long as your recruiters have internet access, they can work from anywhere at anytime.

So there's no excuse for a reduction in productivity levels when you start to get calls about employees being ‘snowed in'.

How to make a snow day work for your business

In the past, businesses have been a little sceptical of remote working, and are often unsure how they could make it work effectively. But with the latest technology, your employees should be able to access everything they need exactly as they would in the office. It's easy for your recruiters to continue with their usual recruitment activity as they have full access to their candidate’s details from home.

Your recruitment software should give managers the power to view remote dashboards in real-time to ensure their employees are still delivering on their recruitment metrics.

And if you don't have recruitment software? Here are a few additional options to try:

Hubstaff is an online work time tracker that allows your team to log the time they work throughout the day and create timesheets to prove it. The software also takes regular screenshots of the dashboard throughout the day, so you know exactly what they're up to when on your business clock.

Slack is a business communication tool that proves incredibly useful on snow days. Rather than have your team clog up each other's inboxes (and yours!), you can keep in touch throughout the day on your own slack channel instead. Although beware that this app does get a bit addictive - next thing you know, your team will stop speaking to each other when they make it back to the office and just use slack instead!

Worried about your team's productivity levels when they're not in the office? Ask them to download Rescue Time - an excellent browser extension that keeps you focused on the job and lets you know if you're straying from the websites or programs that constitute 'real work'.

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Web-based recruitment software: Can you afford to lose out?

Working remotely shouldn't be an issue, and there's certainly no reason why your snow-stranded employees should negatively impact the daily running of your business. Just think, other recruiters who have access to all their candidates at their fingertips could be reaching the best talent before you do!

And what better time to look into snow day-proofing your business than on a snow day?

If you want to keep your recruiters productive all year round, check out our eBook on productivity hacks for recruiters. 

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Wendy McDougall

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