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How to Recruit for Hard-to-Fill Roles

Do you have strategy for recruiting difficult roles?

In this job-short market, your clients are only going to give you the very toughest roles to work. This means, you’re still going to have to work hard to find right-fit candidates.

To survive in this tough climate, you need to learn the tricks to filling difficult jobs and make a name for yourself as a leader in in your recruitment niche.

This eBook will help you create the perfect inbound/outbound recruitment strategy that'll help you find rare candidates and fill challenging roles. 

Download the eBook by filling out the form to the right and you’ll learn more about…

  • Creating an inbound strategy that attracts the right candidates 
  • How to reach out to candidates and actually get a response 
  • Ways you can use tech to improve your outreach 

There’s a lot more to recruiting hard-to-fill roles than sending hundreds of InMails to prospects - it's time to bring your strategy up to date!

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