Why Your Use of Recruitment Software Stinks

Recruitment software can provide organisations with a number of fantastic benefits, however if your recruiters don’t find the software easy to use or they don’t keep the information up to date then it could have a serious impact on your company’s productivity. To make sure you’re using it to its maximum capacity it’s also important that it's configured to mirror your recruiters normal work practices as much as possible.

No two agencies work the same way

If a software can be configured to fit how your agency or recruitment team works then you’ll have a much better chance of getting buy-in from your recruiters. It’s understandable that each recruitment team will measure performance in different ways and take a different approach to getting their opportunities found, attracting candidates and their delivery timescales or SLA’S for hiring managers. So if you’re able to find a software vendor that can mould a software around your recruitment process then you’ll be in a far better position moving forward.

Creating an environment for success

You can set an environment which encourages or rewards use of your software. There’s some methods we’ve seen company’s use which basically come down to how you manage your recruitment team. One is by rewarding those who are consistently updating your information. Rewards can of course vary and since you know your recruiters better than anyone do what you think would work best for you. These range from the lower end of the benefits scale i.e. free lunches, pizzas treats for the office, a dress down day voucher right up to the higher end i.e. an early finish or accrued time off. We’ve yet to hear of anyone who are offering cash incentives (But we’re all for it of course). Some are choosing to punish offenders but that’s just no fun.

Getting the return right!

It is well known that efficiency within any organisation or team can generate an increase in work productivity and more importantly, placements. So it’s important to never lose sight of the end goal when implementing or encouraging use of your recruitment software. If your software is able to take care of your candidate administration effectively you can start to focus your efforts on the latest benefits that Web 2.0 technology can bring to your recruiters. For example, you could start to focus on how your recruiters are reaching and generating new candidates, how can you accelerate your employer brand and jobs to the top of Google or develop new recruitment services or products to offer to your employers.

So, ‘real tangible business returns’...that to us is how recruitment software can really accelerate your business!

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