The Best Gift Guide for Recruiters

Yay! It’s December. We can officially adorn the front door with a wreath, move that lamp out the way to make room for the tree and pin lights around the front facing windows. Nights will now be spent battling the crowds on the High Street or on the sofa watching Elf or Love Actually. If the littles are still up, you know Frozen will be on and you’ll be singing ‘Let It Go’ at your desk from now until 2016.

But recruiters rarely work 9-5 and when the weekend comes you’re dying for some ‘me time’- while still fielding work emails. So when are you supposed to do your holiday shopping? Hanukkah is almost one week away and Christmas is coming in about two. Then it happens… the office receives that Secret Santa email. Now you have more to buy?! We thought we’d throw you a lifeline; here are some gift ideas you can pick up or order in your lunch break, there are some great ideas for your colleagues or even just as a treat to yourself. Now put that Pret down for two minutes and cast your eye over this lot:

Not On the High Street

NotOnTheHighStreet has become many peoples’ go-to site when it comes to giving gifts at any time of year. The site allows you to search for ideas and suggestions based on the recipients gender, family size, personality, interests and the occasion. It’s brilliant.

NotOnTheHighStreet caters to all price ranges and they also have a great selection of stocking fillers which are great as extras for your family or for that Secret Santa for your colleagues. 

Personalised pencils for those who jot everything down ▪ Store all the essentials to touch up before a client meeting with a personalised make up bag ▪ The bearded greats in your office will drink from this mug with pride ▪ The healthy ones who cycle and put everyone else to shame can keep their seat dry from the rain with this cover ▪ Our Happiness Team love this; spread smiles around your office with a Happiness kit ▪ For the perennial snacker, biscuits with a difference. It’s a ‘Cooked Breakfast’ North of the Border or a Full [insert country] everywhere else.



Elfster is the answer to your Secret Santa prayers! Not only does it allocate who’s buying for who, it also allows you to create a Wish List where the person who’s got your name can receive some helpful hints about what you want, saving any awkward ‘Thank You’ when you unwrap the most hideous pair of socks with bells on at the office party. Elfster then links directly to retailer sites so you can buy exactly what your colleagues want then and there, saving time for the busy recruiter. 


I Want One of Those

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit different and will wow your colleagues then IWOOT is a good shout for Secret Santa gifts or stocking fillers. The products are quirky and reasonably priced and you’ll be likely to avoid two people giving and receiving the same gift. 

Does morning coffee get interrupted by team meetings or pesky phone calls? Keep your hot beverage warm with this cookie shaped warmer which can be plugged into a USB slot ▪ No, we’re not suggesting you give your colleague a bag of crap but instead a bag to hold all the random things that just won’t fit in a briefcase but are absolutely necessary for the working day ▪ Highlighters never looked so good, until now.



This is an online store which doesn’t take itself too seriously and indeed it claims on its site that they’re ‘Not for everyone’. Gifts range from the outright crazy and unique to the controversial so it’s probably best to buy from here if your gift recipient has a good sense of humour! 


The famous Crazy Cat Lady now has her own action figure! Just be careful who you give this to or HR will be on your back ▪ “WILSONNNNN” is the perfect companion that poor colleague forced to sit at the desk on their own ▪ Cool chopsticks for anyone, not just the biggest Star Wars fan in the world


John Lewis

Thanks to their tear jerking, heart-warming ads- John Lewis have firmly established themselves as the home of Christmas on the British High Street. Did you get the boss or one of the directors in your Secret Santa? This might be the safest idea. John Lewis do safe really well. There’s no offensive toilet humour here, just cute penguins and festive scented candles.

Fun for the house or the office, buy this for someone and you’ll benefit too, it is a 2-player game after all ▪ Does someone still prefer to have their plans written down as opposed to relying on the iPhone calendar, a refill for a Filofax would be much appreciated ▪ Monty the Penguin stole your heart in the Christmas ad, now let him cuddle up to you in this brilliant cushion (you could get Mabel as well so the little guy isn’t lonely)

Megan McBurnie

Megan worked as a recruitment consultant, recruiting in the Office Services, General Insurance and Legal markets.

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