How to maximise your recruitment Q1 ROI by investing in relationships in December

As we approach the year-end crescendo, you might find yourself standing at the threshold of a unique opportunity. December, often associated with festivities, closing up any unfinished business, and generic waiting for next year, also holds the potential to sow the seeds for a robust Q1 ROI – if you do it right. Did you know what is in the top 2 skills needed in recruitment in the upcoming years? Communication and relationship building! And as much as it might seem obvious, a lot of recruiters forget about the vitality of these on their road to success.

With 73% of recruiters believing that relationships are key to long-term success, a lot still don’t utilise some of the best times to warm up their prospects. December, typically perceived as a slower month for placements in most industries, can be the perfect canvas for recruiters to paint a portrait of meaningful connections. If you play it right, you can use the quieter December period to lay the groundwork for a prosperous Q1.

Offer value through summaries

End of the year is the perfect time to summarise the past 12 months – and there are a lot of directions and approaches you can take. This is your chance to become the thought leader of your industry, and not just a recruiter who’s reaching out to prospects when they need something from them. Whatever data you’re gathering throughout the year, now is the time to use it. Whether it’s an end-of-year industry report or a client survey about upcoming trends for the year ahead, bringing some sort of yearly review to your clients will make you stand out and become an expert in their eyes – and we all know that expertise is invaluable. After all, the more they can get out of you that benefits them, the more likely they are to work with you long-term!

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Dive into your CRM

Leveraging the capabilities of your CRM to house a comprehensive database of contacts allows for precision in relationship nurturing – especially during Christmas. Automation becomes a strategic ally during this season, ensuring that your outreach remains consistent and thoughtful. From personalised holiday emails conveying season's greetings to strategically timed pop-ups sharing valuable insights or exclusive seasonal offerings, automation ensures that your brand remains engaged with your audience. This not only streamlines communication but also allows recruiters to focus on the nuances of relationship-building, tailoring interactions to the unique preferences and needs of each client and candidate. As the year comes to a close, these automated touchpoints underscore your commitment to personalised service, creating a lasting impression that transcends the holiday season and lays the groundwork for a successful start to the new year.

It's the gifting season!

This one shouldn’t surprise anyone – after all, gift-giving is at the core of the Christmas spirit. But so many recruiters see this as a chore or skip it completely, instead of understanding the true long-term value that comes with offering some small presents to your clients. It presents a perfect opportunity for recruitment agencies to express gratitude to their clients - whether it's a personalised holiday card bearing warm wishes, a small yet meaningful token of appreciation, or a virtual gift that transcends physical distances, these gestures carry a powerful impact. Did you know that customers that receive gifts are 85% more likely to recall the business that sent it, even if they haven’t worked with them or purchased from them before? And 40% of clients keep the gifts for over a decade!

Client appreciation gifts go beyond the transactional nature of business, creating a personal connection that solidifies the client-agency relationship. The significance of such expressions of gratitude resonates not only during the festive season but extends into the upcoming year, fostering a sense of partnership and loyalty. You’d be surprised at the impact a small gift can make in your next year’s relationship – because, trust us, if a client has two agencies to choose from, and only one of them went the extra mile in showing how they value the mutual relationship, it’s likely this one the client will work with in the upcoming year!

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Martha Kosmider

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