6 of the Best Recruitment Customer Marketing Tactics

We spend so much of our marketing efforts on generating new business for recruiters that often, we forget to keep our current clients happy.

But pulling in new clients is 5 times more expensive than retaining existing clients, so focusing on keeping your agency’s current clients engaged will reduce your marketing costs.

Here are some customer marketing strategies that will keep your clients loyal and engaged, helping your recruiters to win repeat business from them.

1. Monthly tailored market insightsMarket insights

One of the benefits of working in a recruitment agency is that you will have access to a lot of data that is of real value to your clients.

This could be data on placements, salaries in their industry or availability of certain skills in their location. Use the data you hold to show how well you know your niche, so your clients know how invaluable you are to them as recruitment experts.

You could put together a monthly report (like this one) with the data you hold and put together regular email campaigns to keep them in the know about their market.

2. Case Studies

Happy-client-v2Case studies are a great way of getting buy-in from your clients as they remind them why they chose to work with your agency in the first place.

If you’ve developed a close relationship with a client over the time you’ve worked together, they’ll be the perfect candidate to ask for a testimonial video or even just a good quote that you can turn into a case study.

Another reason case studies are great for client retention is if they see a competing company thriving as a result of your services, they’ll want you to work closer and provide the same service for them.

3. Branded swag

We all know clients love getting gifts from people they’re working with – let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love a freebie? Pair up fancy gifts like wine and hampers with branded goods so you’re really getting into the good books.

For branded goods, pens and mugs are always nice but try to go for something a bit different that will make your recruitment brand stand out against all the other recruiters they work with. Here are Firefish, we’re known for our irresistible fish sweets…

Firefish  branded sweets

And recently, we started sending out face masks and tote bags as new signature swag.

Amy wearing a branded Firefish facemask

4. Blogs that address their pain points

If you can identify and address your clients’ pain points, this will prove to them that you’re an agency they can trust.

Publishing high-value blog content is the best way to demonstrate this. You work in their market and will know a lot more than they do about how the job market looks in their industry, so why not share that knowledge to help them?

Great content can really help your clients feel like they’re in safe hands, and it will really put their mind at ease as they know any problems or questions they have will be answered.

5. Networking events

recruitment neworking events PSIf you have the capacity to set up your own networking events for your clients, these are like gold dust when trying to keep clients happy and engaged with your recruitment brand.

Unfortunately, we all know we’ve not been doing much networking recently due to the pandemic, but as soon as these kinds of events are possible again – start getting yours pencilled in.

Marketing out a networking event to your client base where they can come and meet your best candidates in person shows you really do have an excellent, loyal candidate network and aren’t just talking the talk.

6. Marketing automation

Recruitment is a busy job, so finding the time to consistently provide value to clients even when they’re not hiring isn’t easy. This is where marketing automation is your best friend!

Set up regular drip campaigns to your existing clients so they feel visible and valuable even when your recruiters aren’t personally reaching out to them directly.

Download the eBook below to start automating your recruitment marketing to keep clients happy without you lifting a finger.

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Amy McLaughlin

As Senior Digital Marketer at Firefish, Amy keeps our Firefish customers up to date with the latest news from the Aquarium.

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