The Blended Approach to Social Media and Recruitment

The rapid growth of social media has been incredible, so it was only a matter of time before these tools were adopted by recruiters to source candidates, share roles, look for referrals and start discussions. We now have the ability to access candidates globally like never before, without doubt a positive, but is it at the detriment of relationships being built and bonds being formed?

socialmediarecruitingeuanThe rationale behind me raising this point is, as recruitment continues to evolve, it is imperative that you, the fleshy part in the middle, do not use these platforms in the wrong way nor do you hide behind them. You need build and maintain relationships with clients and candidates, you can’t do that single handedly through social media.

I believe that a blended approach to recruitment is essential, so let’s look closer at social media best practice, how to take your relationships to the next level and some alternative recruitment methods that ensure you offer a rounded recruitment service.

Make posts relevant, informative and engaging 

This may seem very basic but get it right and followers will increase, you will be seen as a sector expert and raise your profile. Don’t just post jobs, as this does not entice passive candidates - instead discuss the sector, developments, changes in legislation etc. 

Engage with the right people effectively 

Ask people to share your updates, ask your team and importantly hiring managers to do the same. Your collective networks are powerful, so utilise them fully!

You have successfully managed the above two, what now? 

Well, go further than that! Post it in relevant groups and seek input. If you post a job and it receives likes, shares or RT’s – ask the people who have done that if they know anyone suitable, they liked it for a reason, find out why! And remember, including a picture with any social media post increases the views, likes, shares and RTs!

ID-100256551This is about taking it to the next level, so if potential candidates like it, get in touch with them, arrange a call or meeting. If social media does opened the door for you, walk through it and meet the person on the other side. I used the above technique recently and the response prompted this entire blog while making me laugh a little! “It is rare people want to speak to me, or even suggest a meeting! There is a tendency for you lot (recruiters) to bombard LinkedIn but never meet the people at the other end, is it now not valued as heavily or targeted on? Seeing as you are different (there is a compliment in there somewhere, right?) let’s meet to discuss, coffee is on you! " Some things never change!

What else?

You have a number of possible tools at your disposal and let’s look at a few in more detail, such as referrals which are an incredibly strong avenue – good talent will know other good others of similar approach and skill level. I predict an increase in this within recruitment as the market place becomes even more candidate driven. 

Networking events 

There are no shortage of these, let’s be honest! But what do we take away from them besides loads of free pens and a cool screen wipe for your iPad? Don’t attend if that’s your main aim, go and enter into discussions, ask questions, make yourself known for all the right reasons – not just the person taking all the freebies!

Outplacement opportunities

ID-10062568Be it the recession or the current oil price, there are always events that place significant pressure on business, and at times employees are at the blunt end of this. Why not think out the box and tap into talent that has been affected by the above? Offer a partnership approach, the value added will be incredible to all parties and is simply another tool to utilise that others may overlook.

The above are only a few, there are many more that can be deployed successfully which can add more value than just use of social media. There is no doubt that with the correct use of these platforms, the potential to grow and develop your business is greatly enhanced, be it in-house or agency recruitment.  The basic foundations that recruitment are built on are equally as important – you can’t have one without the other in my eyes.

Albert Einstein famously stated, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots!” So, good luck in your blended recruitment approach, I hope you reap the benefits of this like I have!

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Euan McNair

Euan McNair is an award winning Senior Talent Acquisition / Resourcing / Recruitment / Employer Brand Professional with an extensive track record of success within the Public & Private sectors.

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