4 Ideas to Make Your Easter Break Eggs-ellent!

Who doesn't love a long weekend, eh? While it's important to take a bit of respite from the recruitment madness, you can pack a lot into the time away from your desk (and the days you are in the office).

Taking the focus off recruitment (for once!), and keeping our eyes on the long Easter break, we’re looking at a few eggs-tremely fun ways to spend your eggs-tra days off! Okay - enough egg puns now… although those last few were eggs-traordinary, right?!

1. Go On An Egg Hunt

Image of a plant with a light bulb.The thrill of an egg hunt is not just for the kids - oh no! Grab a basket or bucket and get competitive! There are tons of chocolate eggs and hollow eggs in stores that don’t break the bank so buy a bunch and look for some great hiding spots. To shake things up a little, fill the hollow eggs with gummy sweets or messages. You can write anything from “Too bad - keep looking!” to “I owe you a cinema trip!” or if you’re in the office how about; “The boss owes you a cuppa every morning next week!” or “You have to take charge of all tea/coffee rounds tomorrow".

2. Get Your Spring Clean On

If you’re in the office, take a good look at your physical and virtual spaces e.g. cleaning out that filing cabinet or archiving those pesky documents from 2012. This also presents the opportunity to go through your leads and prospecting lists and closing off dead ends or taking another look at some contacts you haven’t shown any love in a while.

At home? There are so many apps and websites these days offering you cash for your old stuff! Haven’t watched DVDs or listened to CDs in ages? You probably never will! Sell them and use the money for Easter egg or beer funds or maybe you could donate your newfound fortune to charity? Look at clothes you haven’t worn in the past 6 months and pack them up. Drop them by the charity shop or sell them online for more money to donate. Don’t stop there! Are your kitchen cupboards fit to burst with Easter eggs or foods you’ll never get round to eating? Donate them to your local food bank. Do well for your home and in turn, do well for others.

3. Your Own Private Cinema

At Firefish we have a giant deckchair to cosy up and watch movies on but your good old office chair will do, too. Make use of that projector and the fact there are so many great shows on TV these days or fire in a DVD. Relax… you worked hard this quarter! If you’re lucky enough to be at home then blanket forts don’t stop being fun at any age! Gather your eggs and get comfy in the most nostalgic way.

4. Get Outdoors

This is something to do with your work colleagues, or your family and friends, that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Organise a team trip to the farm and then the pub? Yes! So up for this! Gather the troops and go see some baby chicks and lambs. Take the opportunity to get outdoors and appreciate your surroundings. Take your Easter eggs and roll them down a hill… visit a petting zoo… so cheesy yet so Easter.

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Megan McBurnie

Megan worked as a recruitment consultant, recruiting in the Office Services, General Insurance and Legal markets.

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