Create an Awesome Culture in Your Recruitment Agency

Every so often, a buzzword crops up in the industry. At the moment, there is a definite focus on ‘culture’, so much so that candidates are increasingly placing it higher in importance when prioritising their wishlist and choosing new roles. culture_blog_image.fw.pngCulture over pay? Yep! Why get paid a ton of money to go do a job you hate in a toxic environment when you could get paid a fair salary and love the people, the place and the role? That sounds like a much better situation.

Culture is what makes your company unique. It’s the behaviours, values and how you do things that come together to create your company environment. If your company has a strong, successful culture then I assume things are pretty peachy right now. However, if you can’t immediately think of two things that make your company and its environment unique then we’ve hit a roadblock. If you have a great brand and values in place, you’re halfway there. If not, there’s a remedy and a way of fixing this situation.

The good news is, the Firefish team are on hand with our newest download, the culture whitepaper - ‘It’s in Our Culture’. Your Fishy Godmother will see you right! We’ll help you explore the key steps you can take to cultivate, nurture and manage your own special environment looking at areas such as:

  • Communication
  • Employee perks & benefits
  • Company values

Lending tips from our own culture and what works for us, we’d love for you to download - simply fill out the form below and then share your thoughts with us. Let us know in the comments below or tweet us - we love a good conversation!

Download eBook: How to Create a Winning Culture at your Recruitment Agency

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Megan McBurnie

Megan worked as a recruitment consultant, recruiting in the Office Services, General Insurance and Legal markets.

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