8 Memes That Perfectly Summarise Working in Recruitment Sales

Working in recruitment sales is one of the toughest but most rewarding careers out there (not that we’re biased!). To celebrate (and commiserate) this grossly misunderstood profession, here are 8 memes that perfectly sum up what it’s like to work in recruitment sales.

1. Feeling like you’re constantly fighting a losing battle

Recruitment meme - targets.jpgYou’ve had a cracking month and absolutely smashed your target. Yet your boss pulls you up for not hitting your KPI’s...

Come off it –  it's called working smarter not harder!

2. Having your targets completely dictate your life

Recruitment sales meme.jpg

Ever been behind the game and asked for a holiday? Well this one is for you.

If you’ve got a big fat donut on the board, then here’s a word of advice: don’t push your luck!

3. Realising that working on commission is a cruel trick

Recruitment sales meme commission.jpgYou’ve been busting your guts all month so you can afford those flights to the Bahamas, only to discover that your hard work has resulted in the tax man taking half of what you’ve earned that month! Ouch!

4. When you forget to do your research before picking up the phone

recruitment sales meme gatekeeper.jpgAsking to be put through to the HR department is never enough these days.

Damn those pesky Gatekeepers!

5. Accepting that leaving messages has become part of your job remit

recruitment meme - meeting.jpg

You’ve been trying for days to get hold of a prospect after you’ve had what you thought was an amazing candidate interview.

However, they seem to be in a meeting every single time you call… Does your client respect you? Frustration doesn’t even come close!

6. Coping with the long, unsociable hours

recruitment sales meme6-min.jpgYour job involves talking to candidates outside of office hours, dealing with clients calling at all hours, and having to keep up with your additional workload in between.

Inevitably this leads to a few bags under the eyes, but keep your chin up! Nothing beats hard work and good experience in this game. Keep ploughing on, but remember to take time out when you can!

7. Living the game of feast and famine

recruitment sales meme7-min.jpgThe difference between earning commission and not is a truly painful one: One month you’re living like a rockstar; the next it’s beans on toast for dinner three nights a week!

8. Realising that no one really ‘gets’ what you do

recruitment sales meme8-min.jpgIt’s not an easy gig - more people come into the industry and leave again than stay on to build a career in recruitment. However, it can be a bloody marvellous, lucrative and rewarding career if you get it right.

So the next time some tells you recruitment is an easy job, dare them to give it a try – you’ll have the last laugh on that one for sure!

Do you have any recruitment memes that perfectly sum up what you do? Help us get through the hard days together by posting it in the comments below. Sharing’s caring!

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Cameron McLennan

Cameron McLennan works within recruitment technology industry. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family and playing golf.

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