8 Recruitment Podcasts Every Recruiter Needs To Listen To

Podcasts are the easiest way to up your recruitment game with minimum effort. Instead of spending hours reading books, you can simply listen to some of the best minds in the industry on your way to work. In modern times, you get the chance to pick the brains of recruitment giants with just a few simple clicks. But the amount of content available can be a bit overwhelming… So how do you choose the best podcasts to listen to?

Here’s our top eight recruitment podcasts. If your favourite isn’t on this list, please let us know in the comments – we’d love to check them out!

Best podcasts for anyone interested in recruitment trends and insights

The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

Just like his famous Recruiting Brainfood newsletterHung Lee packs his podcast with relevant and thought-provoking content about the recruitment industry.

Every week, he’s joined by a different industry expert to discuss the trends that are impacting recruiters and changing the industry as a whole. It’s an awesome hourly podcast that we genuinely look forward to each week!

Listen to the Recruitment Brainfood Podcast >>

Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

Another excellent podcast to check out for recruitment insights would be Matt Alder’s ‘Recruiting Future’. It’s an especially good listen if you’re looking some useful information about the latest recruitment trends and the rapid digital transformation we’re seeing in the industry these days.

Listen to the Recruiting Future Here >>

Firefish Crowdcast

Best Podcast for anyone who is actively using LinkedIn

LinkedInformed Podcast

This podcast might not be specifically about recruitment, but as LinkedIn is a vital tool for many recruiters, we had to include it.

Mark Williams (aka Mr LinkedIn) is an expert in all things LinkedIn and has been training people on the platform for over a decade!

With new episodes released every week, there’s no shortage of tips, updates, and interviews covering everything (and more) you need to know about using LinkedIn to your advantage and get ahead of the competition.

Good for: Anyone who is actively using LinkedIn

Listen to the LinkedInformed Podcast >>

Best Podcasts for agency owners and recruiters looking to start their own recruitment business

Recruiter Start-up 

You’d be hard pushed not to come across Dualta Doherty at some point online as a recruiter as he’s everywhere!

For his podcast, Dualta focuses on exploring what it takes to start and run a successful recruitment business on minimum manpower (something he knows a lot about).

He’s joined by agencies leaders from around the world who share their challenges and successes in the recruitment industry to find out the best methods for setting up, scaling, and operating a world-class recruitment agency.

Listen to the Recruiter Start-up >>

The Resilient Recruiter

Hosted by “The Recruitment Coach” Mark Whitby, this weekly show is great for agency owners as Mark and his guests take a deep dive into leaders from the industry. They’re looking at their secrets and successes and how they’ve managed to achieve a well prospering recruiting and staffing firm.

The great thing about this podcast is that it invites real people sharing their stories, as well as top tips on learning and growing from your mistakes and wins.

Listen to the Resilient Recruiter >>

This podcast is suitable for anyone in the recruitment industry

The Recruitment Show

Hosted by Lewis Maleh and Aldo Binmadhi, “The Recruitment Show” podcast provides an inside view of how most companies look, assess, and hire new employees, as well as explores culture and leadership within the workplace.

The podcast also has a heavy focus on finding the perfect work/life balance as a busy recruiter, which is a very poplar topic in today’s world.

Listen to the Recruitment Show >>

Best Podcast for Recruitment marketers and recruiters looking to up their marketing skills

The Marketing Rules Podcast

In this podcast James Whitelock talks to his guests about the new rules of marketing, business, recruitment, and technology. It goes in-depth into the future of the industry and shares.

Although this focuses on areas surrounding recruitment more than recruitment itself, it’s still perfect for anyone within the industry and will be worth watching.

Listen to The Marketing Rules Podcast >>

And what's number eight, you ask? That would be the Firefish Recruitment Podcast! Click below to tune in:

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