5 Free Video Tools That'll Help You Stand Out on Social Media

We all know video is the go-to medium if you want maximum engagement on your social media posts. But the worst thing you can do is just post video for the sake of video – you need to take the time to make your video content looks good and stands out for the right reasons.

The good news is there are loads of new video tools emerging these days that provide new and interesting ways to present your video content online.

Here’s our top picks…

Animoto Logo1. Animoto

I love Animoto because it’s really easy to use and the videos it produces look very professional.

To create a video on Animoto, you just drag and drop video clips and photos into a storyboard and customise it using music, text and colours. The platform has an extensive library of licensed music and creative templates that make it easy to create unique video content that stands out on busy social platforms.  

You can post the videos you create on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with just the click of a button and the ‘embedded link’ feature also makes it easy to add your videos to your website or blog pages.

Why is Animoto good for recruitment?

Animoto stands out from other video platforms because the usability is second-to-none. It’s ideal for any recruitment marketer or recruiter who’s keen to create eye-catching videos quickly and easily.

The free version is great and very effective, but for an extra £5 a month you can get access to a lot more features.

Check out Animoto >>


Mojo logo2. Mojo

Mojo is a smartphone app that’s marketed as a platform to create Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories, but it can also be used to create content for other platforms (liked LinkedIn) too.

I use the app to create unique Instagram stories for the Firefish Instagram account and create video collages that I post on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter timelines.

Why is Mojo good for recruitment?

As a marketer, you’ll know what it’s like to have loads of video snippets from thing like recruitment events or awards that you can’t use because they’re too short or need heavy editing.

With Mojo, you can insert short clips and photos into one of their templates to create an eye-catching video collage with very little effort.

Check out Mojo >>


ticktok logo3. TikTok

TikTok is the latest social media platform taking the world by storm, and although it’s classed as a social media platform, you can use it as a video editing tool too. You can save any videos you create on TickTok without having to post to the channel.

TikTok is great for making fun, highly-sharable video content and its built-in editing software makes it easy to add clever cuts and visual effects too. The platform also has a huge back catalogue of music you can use in your videos, including chart music that you can use free of charge.

Why is TikTok good for recruitment?

We can’t claim TikTok is appropriate for every recruitment niche, but there’s no denying that using this video platform will really appeal to creative candidates and any Gen Z candidates you’re looking to attract too.  

As the new kid on the social media block, TikTok is a great way to show your audience that your recruitment brand isn’t scared to embrace change and try something new – which will help you stand out from a lot of the other video content online.

Check out TikTok >>


imovie logo4. iMovie

iMovie is a free video editing tool, that’s available on iPhones and Mac (unfortunately, it’s not available on any non-Apple products).

The tool is primarily used for video editing, but there are also some templates that you can follow if you’re looking for some inspiration. It's workflow is similar to more sophisticated programs, but it's still simple enough for anyone to use.

Why is iMovie good for recruitment?

Video has been blowing up in recruitment for a while now, so I’m sure you don’t need any convincing that learning editing software would be a good use of your time.

All the stats are telling us that candidates love video, so the better you get at this, the more engaged your candidate will be.

If you’re interested in developing some more advanced video editing skills, iMovie is the perfect place to start before investing in more sophisticated software.

Check out iMovie >>

5. Videvo

Videvo offers a wide selection of free video clips and after effect templates, which makes it easy to add that extra level of professionalism to your recruitment videos.

Having access to more clips and templates means that you can create more engaging content without having to invest in expensive video editing software.

Why is Videvo good for recruitment?

Videvo also makes it easy to search for clips and templates based on specific criteria, such as video duration, resolution, or frame rate, making it a great resource for recruiters with limited time and resources. It makes creating content quicker, so you can be more efficient with your time!

Check out Videvo >>

Biteable logo6. Biteable

Biteable is a video software that’s great for creating videos and animations quickly and for free. The platform has a huge selection of templates for you to use which is great if you’re short on time or inspiration that day.

Biteable also has a vast library of stock images and animations that you can use to customise your video and make it stand out even more.  

Why is Biteable good for recruitment?

Their motto is: “Make better videos then your competitors. On your lunch break”, which will be music to your ears if you’re a busy marketer or recruiter!

This video software is great for recruitment because it’s easy to use and caters to all levels of experience. So, if you’re just dabbling in video and don’t have the time to learn anything complex, Biteable is easy to use and has everything you need to produce an engaging video in no time at all.

Check out Biteable >>

There are loads of tools available online that claim to make your marketing better. To save you the effort of finding the best ones yourself, we've compiled a guide to the best recruitment marketing tools for whatever type of marketing project you're working on. 

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