6 Ways AI Can Help You Source Better Candidates in 2023

It would surprise me if you haven’t seen Chat GPT/AI-related content all over your LinkedIn feed recently – because we can all agree that AI talk has taken over the market. With over 29% of recruiters already worrying that AI will replace them in their job, it’s time to look at the facts. Whilst it’s only natural to wonder, we’re here to tell you that artificial intelligence is not going to steal your role – but it can help you become more efficient, getting you ahead of all the competitors who are still too scared to utilise that technology! Whether you’re ready to jump in at the deep end with AI or want to start with baby steps, here are a few things you can do to help you source better candidates this year.

Improve the efficiency of your main sourcing channels

In today's competitive job market, recruiters are constantly striving to find top talent efficiently and effectively. But with the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), you now have a powerful ally in your quest for sourcing the best candidates. AI technology has revolutionized the way you could approach candidate sourcing by elevating the main channels such as Google for Jobs/job boards, social media platforms, and email outreach. By leveraging AI algorithms and data-driven insights, you can enhance your sourcing efforts, save valuable time, and discover the hidden talent

So how exactly can AI help you improve each of those channels?

Google for Jobs/Job Boards

First things first - AI has become an invaluable tool in crafting SEO-optimized, keyword-rich job ads. By analysing job descriptions and comparing them to popular search engine queries, AI algorithms can identify relevant keywords that will increase the visibility of job ads in search results. These tools provide real-time feedback on the density and placement of keywords, ensuring that the job ads align with SEO best practices. AI can also analyse job titles, qualifications, and required skills to suggest additional keywords that may attract a wider range of potential candidates.

But let’s not forget about the job ad descriptions! There’s still a matter of creating a job ad compelling enough for candidates to engage with it. We all know that writing content might be one of those dreaded tasks we don’t enjoy doing – but if you leverage AI, you won’t have to.

If you learn how to prompt ChatGPT correctly, it will give you exactly what you need. So, let’s say you need to advertise a new data migrator role. By putting a detailed prompt into your AI tool, including the needed skills, experience, location, and salary, and then urging it to adjust the tone of voice to suit your client’s brand, you have an ad ready within seconds.

AI guide


Social media will always be a valuable space for sourcing talent and making your brand stand out – especially if you’re working within a niche where candidates tend to spend a lot of time online. Whilst trying to create social content that puts personality into your brand and makes you stand out might seem like a dreadful task, it becomes a piece of cake if you decide to leverage AI.

Flick is an AI platform specifically designed for social media – and the possibilities are endless. From generating content for social posts, optimizing hashtags, to suggesting unique ideas for image and video posts, it takes away all the stress of coming up with new creative posts and the time it would take to actually make them.

However, the copy is not the only way to stand out on social. The video and imagery you use plays a great part in drawing people into your brand – and you might wonder, even if you do have a great video idea suggested by AI, how do you execute it? Well, AI can be the answer here, too. With current tools that generate images and videos for you from a simple prompt you provided, you don’t need any special resources to create top content!

For images platforms like Jasper and for video Synthesia would be a good place to start exploring.

Last but not least, by leveraging advanced algorithms, AI can assist you in harnessing the power of platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter. AI-powered tools can analyse publicly available data from these platforms to identify potential candidates who possess the desired skills and qualifications, even if they are not actively seeking job opportunities. AI algorithms can scan through vast amounts of information, including profiles, posts, projects, and endorsements, to identify potential candidates with relevant expertise and experience. This proactive approach will allow you to discover hidden talent and expand your talent pool in minutes!


All recruiters know that email outreach plays a pivotal role in candidate sourcing, and AI offers remarkable capabilities to elevate this process and achieve better results. With the assistance of AI-powered tools like Yesware, you can take your email outreach to the next level.

AI enables recruiters to automate and optimize personalized email campaigns, ensuring they resonate with potential candidates. By leveraging advanced techniques such as natural language processing and machine learning, these tools analyse candidate data, previous interactions, and preferences to generate highly personalized email content. You can then craft engaging messages that speak directly to the candidate's skills, experience, and aspirations, demonstrating a genuine interest in their profile.

What is more, AI algorithms also provide valuable insights on the best timing and frequency for sending emails, maximizing open and response rates. By harnessing AI-driven email outreach tools, you can save valuable time, increase your efficiency, and significantly improve your chances of connecting with high-quality candidates who may have been less responsive to generic or mass emails.

At the very least, you can use the content writing tools mentioned above to draft emails to your liking from a provided prompt – which alone saves you hours of work and typing!

Review CVs faster

Intelligent resume screening powered by AI algorithms is revolutionizing the way recruiters handle large volumes of resumes. With the help of natural language processing techniques, AI can automate the initial screening process, saving you significant time and effort. By analysing resumes, AI algorithms can extract crucial information for you and then evaluate and rank candidates based on their suitability for the role. Now you can quickly identify top candidates who match the specific criteria, reducing the manual effort involved in the screening process.

Analyse data and adjust for better results

Predictive analytics for candidate sourcing is a game-changer, all thanks to the power of AI and historical recruitment data. AI can analyse factors like source effectiveness, time-to-fill, and candidate quality to predict the success of sourcing channels and campaigns. This will allow you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your sourcing strategies. Imagine being able to pinpoint the sourcing channels that consistently deliver top-quality candidates in record time! This means more time spent engaging with high-potential candidates and less time wasted on less fruitful channels.

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