How SME recruitment agencies can stay ahead of the game

Clear vision and values: Having a clear vision and values which are communicated throughout the organisation from the top to bottom is crucial. It shouldn’t be left up to the managers who aren’t involved in the day to day operations to simply put together some salesy type buzzwords to promote the company as in most instances they won't know how best to communicate with the customers. Those in the trenches who are talking to and dealing with customers on a daily basis will have a better understanding of their needs and wants so try and find these out from both them and the customers themselves to gain a better understanding of each.

Stay ahead of the game.Innovate through technology

With the advancements in online recruitment software and the new age of networking the smaller agencies shouldn't be afraid to pull their resources together to compete with the bigger guns in their field. It’s possible to utilise another agencies network or expertise to help in certain situations such as tender bids or those vacancies that lie out of an agencies specialist field. As well as allowing particular vacancies to be filled it would also allow those companies to offer a wider service offering when going to market. Whilst small agencies have a lot more at risk they also have a lot more to gain from such an arrangement. One method being used is a free platform called IRG Socialise which provides a platform for agencies to collaborate, share fees and save money.

Don't overlook social recruiting

Embrace all that is new with technology and particularly social recruiting. Clients are always looking for examples of demonstrable innovation and how you can add more value to the recruitment process. There are currently some really exciting opportunities for recruiters to take advantage of the current technology tools at their disposal to stay ahead of the game.

Focus on customer service

The recruitment industry is a tough one to differentiate yourself in, however, if you're able to excel in your approach to service and manage the customer experience then this will give you a better chance. Engage all employees to make sure that every time they come into contact with customers your reputation is reinforced, this will help you to deliver the required level of service. By ensuring you manage your reputation amongst your existing and potential customers, you'll drive your company's reputation forward. This will have a knock on effect to your retention rate and the number of new customers coming on board, and therefore business growth.

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Wendy McDougall

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