10 Top Recruitment Influencers You Need to Follow on Twitter

Twitter Bird IconWe’ve already looked into the crème de la crème of recruitment agencies on Twitter, and now it only seems right to do the same for individual recruitment gurus. So here they are – my top 10. Add yourself to their followers to learn, laugh and be generally inspired!

Kevin GreenKevin Green @kevingreenrec

Currently the chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, hit up Kevin’s Twitter page for recruitment stats, news and info. Often coming straight from the REC Press, you can expect clear and relevant tweets as well as links to blog posts written by the man himself.


Greg SavageGreg Savage @greg_savage

As the founder of not one but two award-winning Australian recruitment agencies - it’s safe to say Greg knows his stuff. You’ll find links to his blog “The Savage Truth” (best blog title ever) and a great, interactive dynamic between him and his followers.

Andy HeadworthAndy Headworth @andyheadworth

Andy is the founder of Sirona Consulting, which helps companies to integrate social media into their recruitment strategy. Just a quick glance at his page will have you swimming in social media tips for your recruitment agency.

Stephen O'DonnellStephen O'Donnell @stephenodonn

Stephen’s career boasts many successes - founder of PCEvaluate and the National Online Recruitment Awards to name a few! So it comes as no surprise that he’s one of the stars of recruitment on Twitter. His page is funny, light-hearted and interactive. Worth a follow for laughing and learning in equal measure!

Lou AdlerLou Adler @LouA

Lou Adler is the king of bite-sized recruitment goodies on Twitter. As the author of The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired and Hire With Your Head, you would expect his posts to be concise and well written. Which they are. As are his blogs, which he posts regular links to here.

Louise TrianceLouise Triance @louisetriance

Louise being in charge of the UKRecruiter website – her page brings you into all the latest discussions, blogs and event news. Also, you’ll often find posts with links to active discussions on the UKRecruiter website to read, learn from and get involved in!

Mitch SullivanMitch Sulivan @mitchsullivan

There doesn’t seem to be a single day goes by when Mitch’s Twitter page isn’t jam packed with straight-shooting conversation, opinions and advice. And with years of resourcing and recruitment experience under his belt, you can expect the vast majority to be pretty much bang on.


Lisa JonesLisa Jones @LisaMariJones

Currently a consultant and director with Barclay Jones, Lisa specialises in recruitment technology and social media for recruiters. This is both a personal and professional page, and Lisa combines the two flawlessly.

Katrina CollierKatrina Collier @WinningImpress

Katrina is an expert trainer, speaker and writer on the use of social media. She specialises in both helping companies and candidates maximise the potential of social media for all things recruitment and job based. Follow her for regular tips to help job seekers and talent sourcers alike.

ShallyShally Steckerl @shally

Here’s another one from the States. Shally’s Twitter bio “…dedicated to providing instant pain relief for recruitment sourcing agony since 1996” sums up his page in a nutshell. Bursting with confidence, tips and great blogs, his Twitter page is one you need to visit!

And that makes 10. Follow, absorb and aim to conquer Twitter for yourself!

By Kara Shorthouse

This list was put together to be part of @louisetriance "600 things" series, watch out for it on the UK Recruiter website next week!


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