7 Top Tips to Skyrocketing Your Holiday Recruitment Profits

‘Tis (almost!) the season to be jolly and whilst perm recruitment can feel like it comes to a festive stop, temp recruitment can skyrocket! As the holiday season approaches, temp consultants find themselves facing unique challenges and opportunities. The demand for temporary workers in some sectors can soar during this time, as businesses need more hands on deck to meet the holiday rush or to cover employee holidays. To make the most out of temps during the festive season, it's crucial to have a well-thought-out strategy and to plan ahead!

As always, Firefish team has got your back - we'll share some valuable tips on how you can effectively leverage temporary workers during the holiday season to benefit both clients and candidates (and not slow down on your profits!).

Start early and plan ahead

The holiday season can sneak up on you, and the demand for temporary staff can be overwhelming. To stay ahead of the curve, start your recruitment efforts early. Reach out to your clients before your competitors do and discuss their holiday staffing needs well in advance.

Some clients may shut down completely over the holiday break and other clients - particularly those in sectors such as retail - will have extended opening hours and ramp up their temp recruitment. That’s why it is important to make the calls to all clients and discuss their needs.

By planning ahead, you can ensure a smoother transition into the busiest time of the year and stay ahead of your competitors.

Sort out your talent pools

Talent pools are a temp recruiter’s best friend! If you’ve got a great CRM, you should be able to segment your candidates into talent pools based on their skills and experience and what they are looking for - so you have a pool of candidates ready to dive into and sell on to your clients.

These talent pools allow you to respond quickly to client requests, reducing the time it takes to fill those temp roles. Ensure that all candidates in your talent pools have the necessary skills, are available over the holiday period and are fully compliant.

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Encourage flexibility and provide incentives

The holiday season can be unpredictable. Encourage your candidates to be flexible with their availability. Those willing to work extended hours or take on last-minute shifts can be a valuable asset to your clients during peak periods.

Consider offering incentives to motivate your temporary workers. Whether it's a holiday bonus, gift cards, or recognition for exceptional performance, these small gestures can boost morale and encourage candidates to excel in their roles.

Use job alerts and SMS

Being able to reach candidates quickly is key in temp recruitment. Enter: targeted job alerts and SMS! If you’re able to send these from your CRM, it’s a fast and efficient way of reaching candidates in bulk about a new job.

Provide training

While some temp positions may require little training, others may involve specific tasks related to the holiday season. For instance, retail temps may need to learn about point-of-sale systems, and warehouse temps may require safety training. Offering seasonal training programs in your niche can make your candidates more appealing to clients and improve their overall performance.

Communicate with your candidates

Stay in touch with your temporary workers throughout the holiday season. Check in on their progress, address any concerns, and offer support. Effective communication not only ensures that your candidates are thriving but also builds stronger relationships, increasing the likelihood of their return for future opportunities. We know it can get busy trying to juggle multiple contract roles and your usual perm, so having an automated system to communicate with your clients and candidates is key to thriving!

A proactive approach to performance management ensures that your clients receive the best possible service and helps sort out any issues that your candidates may be facing so that you can help solve them before they turn into bigger problems.

Be prepared for post-holiday transition

As the holiday season winds down, be prepared for the transition back to normal operations. Work with clients to determine if any temp workers can be retained for permanent positions. This ensures that your candidates have a smoother transition and provides added value to your clients. Don’t forget to show appreciation to your clients and candidates during this time.

The holiday season is a prime time for temp consultants to shine. By implementing these strategies, you can make the most out of temporary workers and create a win-win situation for your clients and candidates. Remember, it's not just about filling positions but about delivering quality service and building lasting relationships that extend beyond the holiday rush.

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Beth Williams

Awesome Aussie Beth is an experienced recruiter and Growth Executive here at Firefish. She has a huge love of the industry and a real passion for helping recruiters to change the way they recruit.

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