15 Recruitment-Themed Cracker Jokes to Make You Laugh This Xmas

December is a time for festive cheer, and what better way to get into the spirit of Christmas than with some Christmas cracker jokes – recruitment edition!

The Firefish team have been busy writing recruitment-themed crackers jokes in hopes of making you, our fin-tastic blog readers, laugh this Christmas.

Get ready to roll on the floor laughing, here’s fifteen recruitment cracker jokes to share with your team…

recruitment-jokes-min1. Where do snowmen do their candidate sourcing?

Snow Boards! 

2. What do you get when you mix a recruiter and an HR director?


3. Why did the reindeer recruiter not make his target?

He didn’t have enough leads.

4. What do you get if you cross Father Christmas and a top biller?

Santa Close.


5. Why did Rudolf and Blitzen's recruitment business fail this year?

Clients found them too deer. 

6.Why doesn’t Santa accept cold calls?

He has a P.S.Elf.

7. How do reindeer apply to fly Santa’s sleigh?

They submit a resum-neigh!

christmas-gifts-for-clients8.What do recruiters put at the top of their tree??

A Christmas Fee-ry.

9. Why did the recruiter cross the road?

To recruit a turkey, he knew it would accept a poultry salary!  

10. Why did Santa get another job offer at his Christmas party?

Because he got drunk and fell into the Talent Pool.

11.Why couldn’t Santa hire any more elves to work in the North Pole?

Because there was a recruitment freeze.

crafty recruitment business development tips santa christmas12. Why did the Invisible Man turn down the job offer?

He couldn’t see himself doing it!

13. What is the difference between Santa and a bad recruiter?

Santa keeps his promises and meets all his deadlines.

14.Why did the recruiter reject Santa’s little helper?

His Elf & Safety certificate had expired!

15. What’s the most popular job for spiders?

Web designer.

Think you can top these cracker jokes? Give it a go! Leave us a comment with your best recruitment-themed Christmas cracker joke below – Merry Christmas!  firefish academy video channel

Firefish Team

This blog was written by Firefish team members Wendy, Alan, Amy C, David, Becki, Donald, Amy M, Paul, Andrew and Beth – Merry Christmas!

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