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How to Plan and Create a Content Marketing Strategy For Recruitment

In marketing terms ‘content is king’ and in 2021, 82% of marketers utilised content marketing to acquire new leads and convert customers.

This percentage increased by 12% on the previous year, showing content marketing is still a hugely relevant channel. So what is content marketing and how can it help your recruitment agency? 

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is an inbound marketing strategy that involves creating, publishing and distributing a range of high-value content that’s relevant to your target audience.

The idea is to educate and build trust with your audience through the creation of blogs, videos, podcasts, eBooks, videos and webinars.

What are the benefits for recruitment agencies?

  • Your audience will stick around longer – without engaging content to persuade candidates to continue browsing your website, they’re more likely to disappear and look for a competitor that can answer their questions.
  • Builds trust and credibility – Through content, you can communicate with candidates on a deeper level that builds trust and credibility. Consistently publishing authoritative content will quickly establish your agency as a credible source of information that candidates can rely on.
  • Pull candidates directly into your website – Any candidate looking for roles in crowded places like job boards will have other recruiters on their tail. Great content has the power to pull them directly into your CRM so you can place them before anybody else does.
  • Increased job ad conversion – Companies that implement content marketing into their strategy benefit from conversion rates that are 6x higher than those who don’t. How’s that for a major benefit?
  • Stronger SEO and increased web traffic – Consistently creating high-quality content that demonstrates your expertise, authority and relevance will improve your website's SEO score. As you begin to rank higher in search engines, you’ll reap the benefits of increased website traffic and stronger domain authority. 
  • Generate higher-quality applicants – Candidates who invest time in researching and viewing content around their job search are generally of greater quality than those who hit directly apply on hundreds of ads a day. 
  • Increased social media reach and engagement – Content marketing isn’t just about publishing posts on your website. The more content you create, the stronger your social media strategy will be too.
  • You’ll stand out from your competitors – It’s no secret that recruitment agencies have been slow to exploit this marketing channel. Putting a strong content marketing plan in place can help differentiate your agency from your competitors.

How do I get started?

 As well as knowing the major benefits of content marketing, it's important to understand exactly why and how content has the power to influence the ‘buyer’s journey' aka the candidate's journey. 

Download the eBook for guidance on…

  • What exactly is content marketing and how can it help my agency?
  • The power of content: how it influences the candidate’s journey
  • How to create a content plan that gets your agency noticed
  • How to promote and analyse your content for maximum reach

eBook: How to Create a Content Marketing Plan For Your Recruitment Agency

About the Author: Becki is the Senior Content Marketer here at Firefish! She heads up our award-winning recruitment blog.

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