5 Ways Your Recruitment CRM Is Losing You Money

Recruitment CRMs are the best thing that’s happened to the industry since way back when we used filing cabinets to store all our CVs (!).

But all too often, we see recruitment teams falling behind the competition because they’re using a bad CRM or not using it the way it’s designed for. If you can relate to any of the situations below, your CRM might be causing more problems than you think!

Here are five ways a bad or insufficiently-used recruitment CRM could be losing you money:

1. Your CRM is full of dead data

You might have a huge recruitment database, but how engaged is it? Use this calculation to find out.

Dead candidate data won’t make you money. If your CRM is clogged full of dusty candidate records, it’s only going to slow your recruiters down.

Candidate data will become out of date quickly, and this results in situations where your recruiters waste time using your CRM to match candidates up to roles when their job preferences have changed or they’ve moved locations.

This is why a smaller, more engaged candidate database is much more lucrative and easier for your recruiters to work with – and why regular data cleansing is so important to allow your CRM to do its job!

2. Your recruiters aren’t using it properly (if at all)

If your CRM isn’t enjoyable to use – or it hasn’t been rolled out sufficiently within your team – no one will use it, and that’s a huge waste of your money.

Not only this, but if your recruiters don’t like using your CRM, they’ll go straight to job boards when sourcing candidates, and this will cost you even more money on job board credits when most of the candidates they find will already be on your database.

This is why it’s so important to choose a CRM like Firefish, that provides a thorough on-boarding experience and staff training to ensure your recruiters engage with the software from day one. They shouldn’t just be shown how to use the CRM, but how to make money from it every day. That’s what it’s built for!

3. Your CRM is too slow

Time = money, and in a fast-paced game like recruitment, every minute counts. If your recruiters are watching your CRM features load all day, you need a faster system.

Watch out for CRMs that require lots of manual, repetitive tasks to get things done, as these extra minutes all add up. At Firefish we prioritise features like automation, talent pooling, email templates and CV formatting as these are the manual tasks that slow recruiters down and cost placements.

4. Your channels aren’t linked up to your CRM

If your CRM isn’t connected to your job boards, website, email, and social media platforms, you will be losing money. For one thing, keeping your channels separate from your CRM is inefficient, as copying over data manually doubles up the work for your recruiters.

But another way it loses company cash is that it’s so easy for great candidates to fall through the cracks if a recruiter forgets to transfer their data manually into the CRM when the candidate applies through another platform.

Your CRM should be the central point that all of your channels feed into so your recruiters only work from one platform and all data is automatically fed in no matter what source the candidate is coming from.

5. It’s a server-based CRM 

Server-based CRMs are considered pretty outdated nowadays and with good reason: This type of CRM continues to be more expensive, less adaptable and far less efficient than modern cloud-based solutions. Unlike a cloud-based CRM which regularly updates with new and improved features, server-based systems require you to pay a hefty fee for every software upgrade you need. No matter which you look at it, sticking with this type of CRM ultimately costs you more in the long run. 

And the benefits don't stop there. Switching to a cloud-based CRM will save you more than just money! Everything is stored in the cloud so recruiters can access their database anytime and anywhere (even on their smartphones). Cloud-based solutions save time, and are constantly improving your processes. Tech is here to help change the way we recruit for the better – it's our job to embrace it!

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David Connolly

David is a Senior Growth Outreach Specialist at Firefish. After working as a 360 recruiter, he loves innovating recruitment with Firefish Software.

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