How Large Agencies Can Foster Diverse Leadership to Drive Diversity and Equality

Ah, yes – one of the hottest topics in the current recruitment landscape. You guessed it — diversity and equality. These aren't just buzzwords anymore; they're like the heartbeats of successful recruitment today.

Picture this: Companies with mixed, diverse teams are like a flavour explosion of skills and ideas. Diverse teams are 35% more likely to outshine their competitors, and those with a strong women’s representation are 25% more likely to outperform! And places that put a spotlight on diversity in their leadership? They're 21% more likely to rock industry profitability standards. Finally, agencies fostering gender diversity can score 15% higher financial returns! These are not numbers you can ignore.

This means one thing – it's time to embrace the diversity and equality vibe in your recruitment game. Did you know that over 85% of executives are of a white background, and 77% are male? Think about shedding those biases that might sneak into your hiring process. And let's not forget about fostering that awesome, inclusive office vibe where everyone feels at home. Yet, despite these clear advantages, marginalised groups continue to face barriers in accessing equal opportunities. As leaders in the recruitment space, you have the power to change this narrative. 

But how can you drive the change and profits thanks to diversity and equality as an agency owner?

Set Clear Diversity Goals

To embark on the journey of nurturing diverse leadership, large recruitment agencies must first establish clear and quantifiable diversity goals. These objectives should encompass gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other dimensions of diversity. When agencies set these goals, you demonstrate your commitment to driving change and create a sense of accountability. By publicly sharing these objectives, you invite scrutiny, motivating your entire team to take tangible steps toward achieving diversity and equality. It’s not just about diversifying your team for the sake of it – it’s about exploring how change can bring your agency better management, build your brand, and up the profits. However, to achieve these goals, you have to set clear objectives and understand why you’re setting them – and where they can lead you.

Review Your Clients’ Job Listings  

The first step to inclusive hiring is the very beginning of the hiring journey – the job ad. Making sure you’re working closely with your clients and have a say in what their ads look like is key to driving the positive narrative. After all, you're the one in charge of their hiring process - which means it's up to you to start the conversation. You have the power to navigate businesses to a more diverse future because even if they didn't think of it themselves, they might do so after you point them in the correct direction. 

Implement Inclusive Recruitment Practices

Diverse leadership begins with diverse talent acquisition. Large recruitment agencies should prioritise inclusive recruitment practices that emphasise equal opportunity and equitable representation. Implementing blind CV screenings, diverse interview panels, and removing biased language from job descriptions can help mitigate unconscious bias and ensure fair evaluation of all candidates. Collaborations with diverse talent pipelines and community organisations can expand the pool of potential leaders from underrepresented backgrounds.

A great way to start reducing bias is by implementing AI technologies into your processes – learn how they can transform your agency (and profits!) in our eBook!

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Think About Starting Leadership Development Programmes

Large recruitment agencies can create specialised leadership development programmes aimed at nurturing diverse talent. These programmes can provide mentorship, coaching, and training opportunities for individuals from underrepresented groups. By investing in the professional growth of diverse employees, you not only foster capable leaders but also demonstrate your commitment to equality and inclusion. Leadership development should extend beyond skill-building to encompass cultural competence, fostering an understanding of different perspectives and experiences.

If you have the opportunity, you should encourage senior leaders to actively participate in mentorship and sponsorship initiatives, especially for employees from underrepresented backgrounds. These relationships help break down barriers and provide aspiring leaders with invaluable insights and opportunities.

Mix Up Your Board and Executive Leadership Representation

True transformation starts at the top. As we already mentioned, leadership diversity is nowhere near where it needs to be – in fact, only 25% of businesses are making leadership diversity a priority. In order to achieve real change, you should prioritise diversity in your board of directors and executive leadership teams. When decision-makers come from various backgrounds, they bring diverse perspectives to the table, leading to more innovative and holistic decision-making. Agencies should actively seek out candidates from underrepresented groups and offer opportunities for leadership roles that align with their expertise and skills.

Try Running a Variety of Cultural Events for Employees

Nurturing diverse leadership is the beginning and makes this step a lot easier – because as managers and directors bring diversity to the table, they naturally set the same expectations of their employees and look beyond what’s known in their recruitment efforts. Large recruitment agencies should champion diversity and inclusion through their policies, practices, and initiatives. How?

It’s easyProviding employee resource groups, creating safe spaces for open conversations about diversity, and celebrating cultural events can contribute to a sense of belonging among employees. Inclusivity should be embedded in the agency's values and communicated through actions that resonate throughout your business.

Nurturing diverse leadership is not just a moral imperative – it's a strategic advantage that can propel large recruitment agencies to new heights of innovation and success. As we continue to navigate a complex and interconnected world, embracing diverse leadership isn't just a choice – it's a necessity that can redefine the landscape of recruitment agencies for the better.

Gordon Webb

As Director of Growth and Partnerships, I will be heading up the Growth function within the business while helping the team secure more business with larger recruitment agencies. I will also be responsible for building a marketplace of industry suppliers to enhance our offering and increase revenue.

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