5 Common Employer Branding Mistakes That Can Cost You Top Talent


In the competitive world of recruitment, employer branding has emerged as a critical factor in attracting and retaining top talent. A strong employer brand not only showcases your agency’s values, culture, and opportunities but also creates a lasting impression on potential candidates. However, in the pursuit of crafting a compelling employer brand, several pitfalls and mistakes can jeopardise your efforts and hinder your ability to attract the best candidates.

Did you know that good employer branding can reduce your employee turnover by 28%, and cost per hire by as much as 50%? Furthermore, those businesses can attract 50% more qualified candidates! So creating and maintaining your brand is not just a choice anymore – it’s a necessity.

We know that thinking about employer branding on top of your regular, never-ending responsibilities can be tough – after all, not all of us are trained marketers! We’re bringing you some of the most common mistakes and quick fixes that won’t take up too much of your time – but make your life a lot easier!

You’re not engaging your team

It’s no secret that the key to employer branding lies with your team. Employee advocacy on social media can cause up to a 200% engagement increase – and people are much more likely to believe your claims if they come from people who experience your brand first-hand. It’s not polished, written by your marketing team, and forced – it’s honest.

But how do you convince your team to post about work on their personal channels? Well, it might not be as hard as you think. The key is having a great company culture, of course – at the end of the day, no amount of incentives will get them talking about your business if they don’t actually enjoy working there. From there, it’s an easy job – you might set out a competition with internal rewards, make social media a part of company events, or simply post about culture and employees from your agency’s account, so your recruiters are more inclined to repost when they see their names.

You’re missing out on client referrals

Imagine this: your clients telling potential candidates how amazing your agency is. That’s like the ultimate validation, right? You should think about starting a referral program where happy clients can be offered an incentive to share their thoughts and feelings on the brand and help recruit others to want to work/use your services. This is simple yet effective and also helps create a solid relationship with the referee.

You don’t have clear values and messaging

Ever seen those agencies with a killer brand that stands for something? That's because they’ve got clear values and messages. These aren't just fancy words; they guide your agency and all that work within its walls. Businesses that do it right have such a defined message and leading value, that hearing their name instantly makes you think of what they stand for – like Adidas and their ‘I’m possible’ campaign, highlighting how sport can change lives, or Google’s ‘Just Google it’, clearly showing their values surrounding ease of use, fast solutions, and information crossing borders. That’s where you want to go with your agency’s brand. When you show candidates what your agency stands for, you’re not only attracting them but also getting your team aligned under the same banner. It’s like having a common goal that everyone focuses on. So make sure that this is a key part of your agency’s strategy.

You’re not communicating consistently

Did you know that 75% of employees have seen their brands communicate differently about its values outside of the company than in private conversations? Employer branding is not just a marketing gimmick – it needs to be carried into your company culture. Make your agency a place to work where people want to spread positivity and live the company values without being forced to do so. Your brand should be clear throughout your internal communications, designs, and the way your office looks.

You’re forgetting to blend with company culture

One big mistake is treating employer branding as something separate from your company culture. These two are like peanut butter and jelly – they belong together. If you want your employer brand to rock, it needs to mesh with your culture. When your culture and brand vibe together, you've got a recipe for attracting some seriously awesome talent.

In today’s recruitment game, things are changing, and that includes the way you get the best people So, as you dive into creating your brand, make sure you steer clear of these five things. Tackling these and working on a killer employer branding strategy will set you up to pull in the top talent you're aiming for. Your agency will become known as the place to be, and your recruitment game will reach a whole new level.

Amy McLaughlin

As Senior Digital Marketer at Firefish, Amy keeps our Firefish customers up to date with the latest news from the Aquarium.

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