How to Maximise Agency Impact Before Christmas to Succeed in 2024

As agency owners gear up for the festive cheer, it's crucial to recognise the untapped potential the Christmas period holds for shaping a prosperous 2024. The end of the year is not just a time for merriment but an opportune moment to fortify your agency's foundation for the coming year. As much as things slow down when we approach the end of the year and you might feel like there’s no point trying to push anymore because nobody will listen anyway, we’re here to tell you how to maximise this time and not just let it slip.

This month’s Crowdcast, our CEO, Wendy McDougall, was joined by the Managing Director of the Recruiting Gym, Angela Cripps, as they shared tips for dominating the market during the holiday season and equip you with the insights needed to transform the Christmas period into a pivotal launchpad for a successful 2024. Get ready to unwrap the secrets to a prosperous recruitment season and position your agency at the forefront of talent acquisition in the year ahead!

Recognise the End-of-Year Opportunities

Angela highlights that as we approach the end of 2023, there's a palpable shift in the recruitment landscape that promises optimism and renewed opportunities. Despite recent slowdowns, the last 4-6 weeks have marked a noticeable uptick in activity, dispelling earlier recession fears. Encouragingly, today's news of a substantial 2% drop in inflation fuels a positive mindset, signaling resilience in the market.

While permanent placements faced a as much as a 33% decline earlier this year, recent months indicate a steadying trend. Temporary and contract positions, on the other hand, have maintained a steady trajectory throughout the year. As we embrace the holiday season, now is the perfect time for you to strategise and position your agency for a successful 2024.

The first key takeaway is acknowledging the changing tides. Amidst recent uncertainties, signs of recovery and market stability are emerging. The anticipated recession may not be as imminent as initially feared, providing a window of opportunity for strategic planning.

Embrace the Phone: A Holiday Gold Mine

Contrary to the belief that the holiday season slows down business, this period can be a gold mine for recruitment agencies, says Angela. Picking up the phone during the holidays can unlock valuable conversations. The festive spirit often prompts people to discuss their plans for the upcoming year, share ideas, budgets, and insights into their businesses. This is the opportune moment to engage in meaningful discussions that unveil prospects' aspirations, enabling agencies to strategise effectively for the year ahead.

Adding Value to Conversations: Service Reviews and Long-Term Partnerships

As we approach year-end, agencies should recognise the value they can bring to client relationships. Conducting service reviews with existing clients allows for a comprehensive analysis of the past year. Delve into the data – from the number of roles, application trends, to successful placements. Where gaps or challenges emerge, leverage market statistics to provide context and offer strategic solutions. This collaborative approach not only strengthens your partnership but positions your agency as a valuable ally invested in their long-term success.

In essence, the closing weeks of the year present a unique opportunity for you to capitalise on the positive market shifts, engage in meaningful conversations, and fortify relationships that will pave the way for a prosperous 2024. It's time to pick up the phone, initiate dialogues, and add value that transcends the immediate present, setting the stage for enduring success.

To explore all of the advice Angela Cripps shared, dive into our Crowdcast!

how to maximise christmas in recruitment

Martha Kosmider

As a Senior Marketing Executive, Martha keeps all our written content on point, sharing the latest tips and updates from the recruitment industry.

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