Recruitment Marketing Personas: The What, Why and How.

Creating a marketing strategy that fully caters to your target audience can be a difficult task for recruitment agencies. And the reason for this is that you’re trying to reach both B2B (clients) and B2C (candidates) audiences at the same time – which isn’t easy! Building out personas is a great way to laser-focus your marketing strategy so you see a much better return on your efforts.

Who exactly is your audience?

candidate personas-minHave you ever taken a step back for a moment to think carefully about who brings in business for your recruitment agency? Do you have marketing content that caters to every one of those people?

Understanding your audience is crucial to any marketing strategy, but it’s something that a lot of recruitment agencies understandably struggle with.

Sure, you might have a really nice, professional looking blog – and even some great writers on the team contributing content – but if each blog post doesn’t have a clear intended reader in mind who is (directly or indirectly) going to bring in new business for the agency, you’re essentially wasting your time.

For example, you may have hiring managers and candidates covered with your marketing, but what about the likes of CFOs (who are essentially the ones who bring in the cash) - does any of your content actually speak to them?

Enter, marketing personas!

Creating marketing personas and planning your marketing strategy around them is the perfect solution to this problem. Personas give you a much clearer idea of the different types of people you want to be targeting with your content, what’s likely to pique their interest, and where to find these people online.

Personas also make you think carefully about why you’re taking the time to create a piece of content in the first place, so you only spend time on publishing content you know is going to convert.

Once you’ve built out some solid personas based on the data you already hold, you can begin mapping out a recruitment marketing strategy that’s guaranteed to produce great results.

In fact, we’re so confident that building personas will improve your marketing ROI that we’ve created a free recruitment marketing persona toolkit to help you get started!

Click to download the toolkit below…

Recruitment Persona

Katie Paterson

Katie once headed up the Firefish blog and marketing team. She now works as a freelance copywriter and continues to contribute to our award-winning blog.

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