4 Time-Saving Recruitment Tips That Will Help You Make More Placements With Less Effort

As a recruiter, you are the orchestrator of talent, tasked with the challenging mission of finding the perfect fit for both candidates and clients. But with the amount of tasks you face daily, it can be hard to bring top results. From formatting CVs, writing and posting job ads, going through compliance, reaching out to potential clients, keeping in touch with candidates… Where is the actual time to make money? The quest for efficiency is paramount, especially when every minute counts.

An average role in the UK takes over 28 days to fill – but when automating some of your processes, you can make that time shorter by 4.5 days! With today's competitive job market, cutting through the red tape to swiftly secure top talent is more critical than ever. By streamlining these processes and adopting efficient techniques, you can reallocate your energy towards the activities that truly matter - fostering relationships, conducting thorough interviews, and delivering the best candidates to your clients.

Implement automated candidate screening

Lots of your time is spent on sorting through the mountains of CVs you get for each role – and matching the candidates with relevant positions. Traditional manual screening methods can be very time-consuming and lead to errors if you miss something important within a CV. Using candidate screening technology such as an applicant tracking system within your CRM can help you streamline this process significantly. Automation has the potential to improve your productivity by as much as 50%!

Did you know that the average time-to-place in the UK is a staggering 28 days? Implementing automation and AI technology, you’re able to bring that down by over 4 days – and automated candidate matching frees up time you’d have to spend on endless admin. ATS software helps you automate the initial screening of CVs by scanning for keywords, qualifications, and experience that match the job requirements. This will help you prioritise the correct candidates for each job role, which will then allow you to allocate more time to engage with more top-tier candidates and build meaningful relationships.

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Optimise job descriptions

Crafting concise and compelling job descriptions that accurately depict the role and its requirements can help to attract qualified candidates more efficiently. Clear and specific job descriptions help to minimise irrelevant candidate applications, allowing recruiters to focus on candidates who more closely match the outline criteria. By optimising your job descriptions this will allow you to deal with qualified candidates and help to speed up the recruitment process.

Even better – connect this point with the previous one. A good AI job advert generator can make it not only faster, but also ensure your job ads are visible by the use of appropriate keywords.

Networking is key for talent sourcing

Whether it’s face-to-face or through social media, finding new relationships can help you skyrocket your results. Traditional networking events, although slightly more time-consuming, are still an effective way to build a lot of relationships in a short period of time – after all, it is very rare to get an opportunity to speak to a large number of candidates and potential clients at once.

In today’s digital age being able to leverage social media and online networking can also help in building relationships with a large pool of potential candidates. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook provide opportunities to connect and engage with a vast pool of professionals. You can use these platforms to post job openings, engage with potential candidates, build your agency’s brand and stand out from the crowd as you will hopefully be doing something your competition is not.

Creating collaborative content and building partnerships will skyrocket your visibility and build your brand faster than you could ever do on your own.

Developing talent pools

Talent pools are at the heart of productive recruitment. If you keep your candidates sorted and warm, you can increase your conversion rates by 25%!
Building and maintaining a talent pool is a long term investment that can pay off significantly in the long run if you stay on top of it and manage it correctly. Instead of starting the process from scratch every time you have a new role, having a database of pre-screened candidates will help you speed up the hiring process.

To create a successful talent pool, you need to make sure you are regularly engaging with candidates who might not always be the right fit for your current roles - but possess the skills you may require in the future. You want to stay in touch regularly - whether that is via e-mail marketing, providing industry updates, or sharing relevant job opportunities. Nurturing and developing these relationships will mean you have a readily available pool of candidates to tap into when you have an urgent job requirement from one of your clients, saving you time and effort in resourcing for the job.

auotmation recruitment cta

Paul Briman

Growth Specialist Paul was a Principle Consultant in the tech sector before joining Firefish. He loves changing the way agencies recruit with software.

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