11 Signs Your Team is on the Path to Success

This month, here at Firefish, we’ve been thinking about change. We’ve considered how to attract new talent to your workplace, we’ve thought about ways to hack your sales process to avoid burnout, and we’ve discussed how recruiters can stay relevant in a changing candidate market.

Change, then, has been our theme. But for change to be effective it has to be measured so that you’re sure you’ve changed the right stuff. You have to know the path you're leading your team on is the right one. So, here are some thoughts on how you know the change you’ve implemented places your team on the path to success.

1. You feel the mood lift

It’s a gut feeling, it’s something you feel instinctively. Change comes about because of pain and dissatisfaction within a workplace. You know almost immediately if what you’ve changed is moving you towards a resolution that makes you and your employees happier and more efficient.

Trust your gut, and tune in to everyone’s behaviours - you will see the difference the change makes.

2. You can focus on the future 

When there’s a problem, it gets in the way of everything. It’s like toothache. It’s at the back of your mind and you know you need to do something about it. When you’ve instigated effective change you’ll feel lighter, your mind will be free to focus on bigger plans, and you'll start to see the wood from the trees! 

3. You see your values and vision shared by your team

One of the best indicators of successful change is the knowledge that employees are on board. You don’t have to fight with them and everyone shares a collective sigh of relief. Things are moving forwards and the direction is one that employees are happy to buy into.

4. You’re listening to your customers

Similarly, a successful business will implement change that reflects the wants of its customers. A good business will listen to its user base, making sure it’s aware of their changing needs and adapting products and services accordingly.

5. You become the go to team in your niche

When it comes to instigating change, a successful business knows its marketplace. It knows what it's good at and what its value proposition is. This means that any change implemented is well considered and thought through with market trends firmly in mind.

6. Marketing finds it easy to promote your brand

It's not rocket science; it’s a matter of perspective. If your team believes they are awesome, then your company will find it so much easier to market and sell what you’re offering. Good business change results in a clear USP that’s easily marketed and sold to your target audience. When a business is headed in the right direction the brand messaging is clear and easily promoted by employees resulting in an army of brand ambassadors.


7. Your phone is ringing

This is a simple one and something to note and be happy about. A business headed in the right direction will be busy on the phone and it will be inundated with emails. Plus, your client list will grow via word of mouth, drawing in relevant and primed prospects to your brand messaging and services.

8. Your team’s activities are aligned and they're meeting targets

It then follows that one of the best indicators that change is effective is the numbers start to go up! Whatever your business KPIs are, make sure they've been adapted to the new norm and they're aligned with the targeted activity that's now driving the change through. This allows you to share the numbers and reassure employees that the pain of the change is paying off.  

9. Staff are motivated and happy 

Another good symptom of business growth and movement in the right direction is happy and motivated employees. This will benefit the business in the long term as employees will work harder because they’re content with the leadership in their workplace. Again, this is a simple one, but it’s a by-product of effective change within a business.


10. People are sharing your insights

Most businesses are engaged in some form of content marketing, from podcasts and videos, to blogs and articles. A good sign you’re moving forwards with relevant information and well considered change is if other people in your industry are referencing and sharing your work. This gets your brand's voice out there, and it ensures your social channels have excellent fodder for growth.

11. You have the ability to scale (bandwidth for growth)

When a business is headed in the right direction there will be ample opportunities for growth. It will become easier to scale as time moves forward, and although there will be some speed bumps, in general, a business will move into the future smoothly and with purpose. 

There you have it. A crash course in symptoms of business success. It’s a gentler post for you, but if your business is headed in the right direction then it’s time to take a moment, pat yourself on the back, and reflect on your successes.

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Wendy McDougall

Wendy McDougall is Chief Fish of Firefish Software. In her spare time, you'll find her playing squash or feeding her inner geek with the latest technology!

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