5 Bad Practices When It Comes to Job Ad SEO

73% of candidates start their job search in Google. So, getting your job adverts seen by the right candidates matters. It’s the difference between making a successful placement or a job ad campaign that goes nowhere. To help you get the best return on your efforts, here are 5 SEO bad practices your recruiters need to stop using in their job ads!

1. 'Super Duper' Job Titles

Look, we get it. There are a lot of job ads posted every day and you want your agency’s ones to stand out. But the next time a client asks for a 'Superstar Marketing Evangelist', a 'Digital Prophet', or a 'Digital Overlord' take a moment and think: ‘How is someone going to find this job posting?’

No matter how well you distribute your jobs, no matter how well you target a relevant audience of candidates in your database, you still want to get found in search engines too.

How many people are really searching for a Digital Overlord vacancy? Not many would be my guess. Be specific, targeted and above all relevant in your job titles. This will increase your online reach. After all, you never know what excellent candidates your recruiters might miss by being too obscure.

2. Too Many Keywords

Here’s a simple one. Sit down with your recruiters and brainstorm several different words and phrases that your ideal candidate is likely to put into search engines.

Then, use Google Trends to see which ones are most popular and pick three of them. Sprinkle those keywords throughout your job advert. But don’t go overboard. This is where lots of recruiters go wrong. They think the more keywords they include in their job ads, the more candidates they’ll attract.

Although this tactic might get more eyes on the job ad, they won’t be as relevant. Search engines even punish writing that’s stuffed with keywords. So, the golden rule here? Less is more. Be as clear as possible with your job ads by using words and phrases relevant to both the vacancy and the target candidates.

3. Bad Experience

You might not think of user experience as relevant to SEO, but it is. User experience matters, especially when candidates are bombarded with different on-page options and exposed to hundreds of adverts every day.

Cut down on distractions on your page so that candidates remain focused on the information that matters. When a candidate arrives on your job advert page, what impression do they get? This will shape their understanding of your job and your client.

If the page is too busy or full of irrelevant information, then the candidate will be confused about what their next step should be.

4. Copy and Paste Job Descriptions

We’ve talked about this in a past blog but it’s worth reiterating – job descriptions aren’t job advertisements.

The key to recruitment advertising is advertising.

If you want your job postings to resonate, make sure they’re written with your ideal candidate in mind. That makes your ads relevant, and it likely means you’ll target good keywords too. Your job adverts need to be carefully written, thoughtful, and targeted.    

5. Bad Opening Paragraph

The first 155 characters of a job posting matters. This paragraph is likely to appear as the page description on both Google and job board listings.

So, don’t waste this opportunity to grab a candidate's attention by describing your agency. Instead provide a short overview of the role, something exciting about your client and a compelling reason for the candidate to click through for more information.

You need to find a good balance between describing the company you’re hiring for, and detailing the job on offer – both are important for the candidate, and you only have 155 characters to play with! So, focus on short, succinct, and compelling writing.

So, there you have it, 5 SEO bad practices you need to stop using in your job ads. Focus on relevancy, target your ideal candidates, and don’t use keywords for the sake of it. And if you’re still struggling, have a read of our blog ‘Top SEO Tips to Optimise Your Job Adverts’ and download our free SEO eBook below.
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Andy Mckendry

Andy Mckendry is a copywriter with an MA in Professional Writing. In the early mornings he is known to gravitate towards the nearest coffee pot.

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