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Difficult Candidates Recruiters Have to Deal With

As a recruiter, you know that no two people you will come across are ever exactly the same. But sometimes, there are similarities; traits that pop up time after time and leave you with a severe feeling of déjà vu, because you just might have come across a similar situation before. But that doesn’t mean you always remember the best way to deal with them… Here are 5 types of candidate you just might have come across.

1. The Job Hopper

Candidate CV.pngYou look over their CV. Each job lasts no more than a month or two – sometimes the job types vary, sometimes it’s the same kind of work over and over, but one thing becomes quickly apparent. They’re never going to be happy. They seem eager, they seem bright-eyed, but you glance over their employment history and just know they’ll be back in a few weeks with dead eyes and a plea for something else. No matter how many times you tell them it looks better on a CV if they stick out their job for a year, they’re convinced that a month will do just fine.

It seems some people won’t learn until they’re as close to utterly unemployable as anyone could be, but you’ll keep trying your best to educate them…

2. The "It's Complicated..."

With every job comes challenges and, as a recruiter, this is no different for yours. Candidates pop up every now and again with unusual ideas for their career – and you know, just from listening to their aspirations, that no client you have will fit exactly what they want. Because what they want is impossible. There’s no job in the world where you won’t have to communicate with anyone because “you’re just not a people person”, and very few when you can work whenever you want because you have “an unpredictable sleeping pattern”. Sorry.

For the candidates willing to compromise, this isn’t a problem – but those with their hearts set on the most unusual career possible, who look at every opportunity proposed with deep disappointment are the ones who leave you tearing your hair out and looking like the villain. You’re just trying to help. Really.

3. The Chronically Unemployed

This one comes with a variety of reasons, and some of them are head-scratchers – but these are the people who’ve just been unemployed for vast periods of time and can’t seem to give an explanation that you could report to your clients. This type of person could tie in with the others – do they hop jobs too quickly, is their chosen career path too unusual and they’re unwilling to compromise? – but all you know is, jobless is their default state… Being a recruiter is about rising to challenges – right?

4. The Too Good To Be True

Drawing Board.pngYou have a new candidate. They present a CV with enough impressive skills to dazzle even the most cynical client, who just so happens to be looking for a candidate with a very specific skillset – yes! You have just the person! You set up an interview, and all goes well. The client and the candidate want to talk. This is the easiest match you’ve had in a while, and you can’t wait to reap the rewards of finding a client their perfect candidate and finding a candidate their perfect job…

…until the client and the candidate actually talk about what’s required in the job. Proficient in Excel? Turns out they were relying on YouTube tutorials, and bad ones at that. Adept at coding? If bolding and italicising text counts. Communication skills? Shouting doesn’t make you a better communicator…

Back to the drawing board...

5. The Purple Squirrel

Aside from the challenges you so look forward to, this is exactly what makes your job worthwhile. That candidate who has worked on their skills, who is friendly and mannerly, who has just the right mixture of warm and professional, with a steady job history – yes! Sure, everyone likes a challenge – but sometimes it’s nice to meet a candidate that any company would be lucky to have. You’ll love introducing them to your client as it’s as close to a sure thing as there’ll ever be in recruitment.

About the Author: Staci is a freelance content writer and web moderator. In her spare time she likes gaming, spending time with her cat, and the occasional bit of travel.

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