6 Things for Recruiters Who Hate Valentine's To Do Today

I’m sure there will be plenty of blogs doing the rounds today in the theme of love, about doing client runs and wooing your candidates… but what if all of them are quite simply doing your head in? If the idea of having to be the bigger person and show some love has you fighting your gag reflex? Well such things happen, so fear not! Here’s how you can plug in, tune out and still be productive this Valentine's Day…

vblog.png1. Show Your Date(a) Some Love

Tidy your lists, update your talent banks, archive the candidates with CVs from the 70s…you get the idea! Giving your database a much-needed tidy means that on another day when you do in fact feel able to slam the ‘personable’ part of your job then you’re set up and ready to go, win!

2. Record Some Videos

Not those kind of videos! Yeesh, take your mind out of the gutter…Seriously though, if you aren’t doing anything with video, you need to start. And when better to give it a bash than on a day when two-way interaction isn’t floating your boat?

How often to you scroll through Facebook and watch videos with subtitles that start auto playing, without actually clicking on them? I do it every single day. This a great way to reach candidates! Just do a super short, fun video of you talking about the job you’re trying to fill, make sure it has subtitles and upload it onto social! And then watch the applications flood in, obvs.

3. Write a Blog

Another task which allows you to be productive without actually having to speak to anyone. Plug in and write some actionable tips for your candidates, or informed content about happenings in your sector for your clients. Share it on your agency's website and get all your colleagues to share it out on social too - it's a great way to bring traffic back to your website and let both candidates and clients then naturally find their way back to your services.

4. Schedule Some Social Media Updates

Again (inkeeping with the theme of the blog) a task which enables you to plug in, shut out all the random office outbursts of Celine Dion and still be productive. Use a free tool like Hootsuite to schedule Tweets, Facebook posts and LinkedIn posts on your company and personal social media channels to keep your brand front and centre.

5. Organise a Team Event

Time to get to the route of the problem…could your grumpiness towards Valentine's Day and life in general be solved by a good old piss up? If so, start those cogs turning! The Christmas Night out feels like it was an age ago, and the end of Q1 is still a while away – so get a pub night organised! Blowing off some steam is always helpful and if it can be labelled team-building all the better…

6. Accidentally Trick Your Clients into Thinking They're Loved…

Okay, maybe don’t do this one…but we did! Anyone who’s familiar with the Firefish brand knows it’s all about the red. But sending out our trademark red envelope full of fish sweets to one of our clients backfired slightly when it arrived on Valentine's Day and set excitement levels in the office off the scale! It might not have been the red hot Valentine's gift they were hoping for, but at least the sweets went down well!


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Kara Shorthouse

Kara is a Digital Marketer based in Glasgow. In her spare time she loves a good gig, ponies and flattering Snapchat filters.

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