3 Quick Ways to Attract More Candidates on Facebook

When someone says Facebook, your first thoughts might be of Candy Crush, Farmville and holiday photos. But with over one billion users, it has become a hub for so much more than fun and games. Yet, despite Facebook being the most used social network, few recruiters use it to find potential candidates. Much more focus instead is on Twitter and LinkedIn, so how can you change this? Well, here are some top tips to utilize Facebook to attract more of the best candidates:

1. Be Social


Whether it’s merely liking a picture, sharing a link, or responding to comments, make sure that you are omnipresent on Facebook. This creates another channel for potential candidates to find you online and find their way back to your vacancies and services.

Frequently sharing posts that may come in handy to your target audience can also make potential candidates more attracted to your organisation. This could be advice and posts on CV’s, interviews or cover letters or even just a simple article. The most important thing is to maintain a good mix of content - don’t just use your Facebook to post job listings. Instead, have fun with Facebook and allow a bit of an insight into what your organisation is doing. For example, share pictures of any possible community activities or team-bonding exercises. This helps to draw people back to your company Facebook page and generate interest in your agency.

social network2. The Candidate Comes First

When creating your Facebook page, or just giving it a makeover, make sure that every element of the page is there to attract potential candidates. Take your ‘About Me’ section for example. This should be written to target the needs and wants of your potential candidates, rather than being a simple background and history to your organisation.

Think about LinkedIn for a moment; the most impressive candidates are those with profiles that are full of information, links to their work and a picture. With this in mind it is important to have a relevant cover photo, profile picture, additional pages (such as notes, reviews, or links to your other social media pages) and information throughout your Facebook page so that the candidate can easily start engaging with your agency.

3. Synchronise

It’s difficult to keep up to date on every single platform of social media, especially with more cropping up almost every day. But statistics show that the average user accesses Facebook for around eight hours a month, far more than any other social media website. If you ensure that LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are all moving in the same direction you can increase your presence on not just Facebook but across all social media platforms as a brand.

By synchronising social media, you maximise the potential for more Facebook followers, which in turn increases your chances of finding the best candidates. You’ll also start adding value to your agency by building your brand online. Giving your agency a consistent and reliable voice across social media, particularly by showing your fun side on Facebook, is a great way to spark potential candidate’s interest. If your organisation is active on all social media platforms, then you will constantly be in the minds of those looking for an agency to help them find a job.

How to create an awesome Facebook recruitment campaign

Adam Terris

Adam Terris is a graduate in history from the University of Edinburgh with a background in music journalism and radio.

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