5 Worst Mistakes to Avoid When Talking To Your Recruitment Clients in the Summer

As the sun shines brighter and temperatures rise, the summer months often bring a distinct rhythm to the recruitment industry. With vacations, holidays, and a generally slower pace, you must adapt your strategies to make the most of this unique season. With most industries slowing down, it’s time to adjust your strategies so you don’t end up losing those retainers!

Having worked in the recruitment industry for years, I know all of the challenges you’re probably facing right now – and I’ve made all these mistakes myself. Let’s dive in to see if you’re not losing clients (and money!) this summer:

Not offering solutions for summer months in recruitment

Waiting around for the clients to come to you with their problems is not going to work – but being proactive will. This is the time when you should show your clients you’re not just a recruiter – you’re an expert problem-solver with initiative and industry knowledge. It’s crucial that you address challenges they might be facing – even without them spelling those out for you. Being proactive throughout the quieter summer months and offering tailored solutions will help you at be the forefront of their mind when they do require your services.

Suggest temp staff

With most employees taking their summer holidays now, your clients and prospects may be starting to worry about resource gaps – so the best thing you can do is be creative and present them with short-term employment possibilities or project-based assignments to ensure that their operations continue to run smoothly over the summer months. With potential gaps appearing in your clients’ or prospects’ workforce, this is also a great time to present them with any potential candidates that you are working with – who knows, they may have a bit of a need at the moment and take the opportunity to get ahead of their competitors.

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Not conducting mid-year check in’s

With the summer months marking the halfway point of the year, this is the perfect time for a mid-year check-in with your clients. Take this as your opportunity to get in front of clients or prospects to review their progress and find out about any upcoming hiring needs for the remainder of the year. Showing genuine interest in their goals helps them to see your dedication and commitment to their success.

Don’t forget about inviting clients and prospects to your summer social

Most companies will have a summer social (I know we certainly do). Inviting clients and prospects to these gatherings throughout the summer will not only help strengthen the relationship you have with them but will also give you an opportunity to discuss potential business in a more relaxed setting.

Don’t forget about summer offers

Now is the perfect time to promote some special packages to your clients, designed specifically for the summer. They might include waiving certain fees or providing them with additional perks to encourage them to engage with your services during the quieter months. Everyone loves a good deal - so this approach can help you stand out from the crowd. The important thing to remember is that this is a summer offer and won’t be available after a certain period.

Neglecting social media

Social media is thriving these days, but in the summer months, it’s one of the most effective ways to get eyes on your brand. Don’t let your online presence drop now – it’s more important than ever, and summer presents the perfect opportunity to generate content that reflects your culture. Make sure you stay active on social media platforms by sharing industry news, job postings, and engaging content. Use this time to showcase your company culture and create some more light-hearted content that humanises your brand. Nobody wants to think about serious stuff when the sun’s out – so take advantage of it! Besides, with 88% of job seekers actively doing so through social media, it’s a gold mine of talent.

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how to create a great bd strategy for recruitment agency

Paul Briman

Growth Specialist Paul was a Principle Consultant in the tech sector before joining Firefish. He loves changing the way agencies recruit with software.

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