5 Social Media Trends Every Recruiter Should Know About in 2023

Social media has revolutionised the way recruiters connect with candidates, build employer brands, and stay engaged in the digital age – that’s no news to anyone. But what does the future hold?

Did you know 88% of job seekers actively use social media when searching for employment opportunities? That's a staggering number! As a recruiter, tapping into these platforms strategically can give you a competitive advantage and ensure your message reaches the right candidates – especially if you keep in mind that 70% of the global workforce is passive talent, yet most (87%, to be exact) of those candidates are open to exploring new roles! They just need to be approached the right way. Enter – social media nurturing. But how do you keep up with the quickly-changing world of social platforms without neglecting your actual job?

Let's explore the trends that are dominating the social media sphere in 2023, so your social recruitment strategy can stay ahead of all your competitors – with a lot less effort!

BeReal and show authenticity

The viral BeReal app became a hot topic in 2022 and continues to evolve and adapt to its rising number of users. But instead of trying to be one of the businesses that are figuring out a way to advertise on the platform, take a wider look – understanding the growing commotion around vertical networks and closed communities will allow you to adjust your strategy to the current moods of the public.

With 86% of consumers believing that brand transparency has become the key factor when choosing whom to buy from, work with, or engage with, it’s pretty obvious that authenticity is your golden ticket to the social media kingdom. Building personal relationships is not only crucial to showing the human side of your brand and nurturing long-term trust and warmer feelings, but it’s also simply entertaining for the viewers to see behind the scenes of your business. Knowing there are real people and personalities behind your agency urges potential clients and candidates to choose it above someone they know nothing about. For instance, 67% of surveyed users stated they’d like the CEO to be present in social content!

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Dominate with short-form content

This shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point, but it’s a crucial part of any social media marketing strategy – so it has to be mentioned. Ever since the TikTok gradual takeover in 2020, short-form video content took over every single social platform, one by one. From Instagram Reels, through YouTube Shorts, even to trending video pins on Pinterest – snappy, attention-grabbing videos are the way to build an engaged audience these days.

But we all know that just building a following is not our goal – which is why it’s important to note that 73% of consumers prefer to learn about a service or product through short videos, as opposed to articles, calls, or other forms of advertising.

Knowing that the average attention span of current social media users is only around 8 seconds, it makes sense for short videos to be snappy, entertaining, and shocking – which means you need to deliver your message in a way that engages your audience from the very beginning and not drag it out. This brings me to my next point…

Utilise eduteniment content

Creating fun, entertaining content that also provides value is your way to the hearts of social media users. Striking a balance between jokes and valuable tips on your area of expertise isn’t easy – however, by sharing your knowledge in that way you’re not only building your name as the expert but also strengthening the human aspect of your brand. It’s much easier to absorb information from someone we genuinely like and trust. This is your chance to provide valuable tips, life hacks, or surprising advice whilst getting more eyes on your services.

Implement employee advocacy

Whilst employee advocacy is nothing new, this year it’s emerging on social media platforms more than ever. Businesses that implement employee advocacy into their social strategies are seeing an increase in not only brand awareness, but most importantly – qualified applicants. As much as a 200% engagement increase doesn’t sound too bad, right? After all, hearing about your agency from people who experienced its culture first-hand is the easiest way to build trust among potential candidates. Giving your employees the opportunity to share their success stories and become advocates for your brand puts you on a fast track to success – whilst tapping into their networks and increasing your reach in the process.

Engage with your clients

Going beyond timely responses to clients’ queries is another way to put you on the social media map. Whilst great customer service has always been a crucial part of any business, engaging with your clients and candidates on social media brought this to another level. By responding to their inbound messages or posts about your agency, you can boost your organic reach and paint yourself a fun, caring, and client-focused business. Whether it’s to spread some laughter or answer an actual question, answering social posts of your clients is a quick way to drive more personal connections – and, as we already established, those are crucial in today’s marketing world.

To learn about creating a solid social strategy from start to finish, read our eBook below!

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Martha Kosmider

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