How to Get More Likes on Your Recruitment Agency's Facebook Page

When it comes to social media, LinkedIn is seen as the number one platform for recruiters to build their brand and attract candidates. Facebook has traditionally been seen as more of a personal social media platform but with 1.18 billion daily users it’s imperative that recruiters are active and engaging on this platform.

Most businesses today, be it a local plumbing company or a global brand, will have a business Facebook account. It’s a great way to interact with the public and another great tool for finding candidates. If your agency is not using Facebook daily then it’s time to start!

Here are some tips and trick to get more Facebook likes on your agency's page:

The Most Active Social Platform

Increase Facebook LikesFacebook is still the most used social media platform in terms of active users. The most obvious way to increase likes on your Facebook page is by posting great content regularly and at the right time. A recent study by Quintly shows that photos and videos are the most engaged type of content. Nowadays you don’t have to be a design or video expert to create excellent digital content.

Facebook Live

A recent addition to the network, Facebook Live allows you to broadcast to your fans in real time and see what comments and likes it receives instantly. This can be a great tool for engaging with potential candidates. You could use Facebook live to show your workplace, events you are attending, or you could even hold Q&A sessions with followers about your company or a job opening.

Join Groups

Joining groups related to your specialism is another way to increase your agency’s likes on Facebook. Most industries will have their own dedicated groups. If you can join these groups and engage with their followers you will build up a reputation which will lead to people from the group liking your page and sharing content you post. Joining groups related to your target industry can also give you a great insight into what people are talking about, letting you tailor your content based on this.

Go Viral

A quick and simple way to get people to engage with you is to post a question such as ‘Team Trump’ or ‘Team Clinton’? This may be in no way related to your industry but if it’s a trending topic it will get people talking and tagging others in the post. Have a look at Google Trends to see what the hottest topics are and incorporate these into your daily posts. Be careful though because something that was a hot topic today could become bad news tomorrow, always make sure you monitor scheduled posts, and try to reply to all comments you receive.

Another way to get Facebook likes fast is to give something away for free. This doesn’t mean you have to give away your new iPhone, simply offer a free e-book download or free tickets to an event you’re holding in exchange for likes and shares.

Follow Influencers

Follow influencersOne of the best tricks to get more likes is to follow influencers such as industry experts, and journalists, and comment and share their Facebook posts. Once they begin to notice you engaging with them they may like your page back. If they then begin to share your content, its reach could be immense and gain your page a lot more likes. In recruitment, there are lots of big influencers such as Greg Savage who has nearly 10,000 likes on his Facebook page. Getting one piece of content shared from such a big player in the industry could see your number of likes catapult overnight.

Posting regularly to your company page is a must, this should be done at least a few times a day and should include a mix of sharable content. Also, ask your employees to share the content on their own Facebook pages, this will get you a lot more interaction fast. If you have ten recruiters who each have 200 friends think of how many of those will see your content and possibly share it, again increasing likes.

Always make sure to have a Facebook link on your company website especially blog pages. Finally, include a link to your Facebook page at the bottom of your emails so that people can easily find your page.

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