How Loyalty Marketing Will Transform Your Agency

What is loyalty marketing? 

Loyalty marketing is a strategy that focuses on maximising the output from the candidates in your recruitment CRM. With the cost of job boards increasing by 30-40% for some agencies in 2023 there has never been a greater need to maximise the return you get from the candidates you bring into your database. 

A loyalty marketing strategy helps you to do this by focusing on nurturing high-value candidates so that they think of your agency first when they come into market as an active candidate. The potential savings that can be made by maximising your database in this way are dramatic. 

What are the benefits of loyalty marketing? 

Loyalty marketing can be transformative for your agency. An effective loyalty marketing strategy will reduce marketing costs, differentiate your agency, empower you with data-driven insights, foster repeat business and unlock the power of word-of-mouth marketing. 

To learn how to implement a successful loyalty marketing campaign for your agency, explore our interactive guide 'Playbook: Loyalty Marketing for Recruitment Agencies' today.




Martha Kosmider

As a Senior Marketing Executive, Martha keeps all our written content on point, sharing the latest tips and updates from the recruitment industry.

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