6 LinkedIn Influencers Recruiters Love

People don’t become influencers in the recruitment industry purely because they’re great recruiters (although this helps of course). They’re influencers because they know how to talk about the industry in a way inspires the rest of us to be great recruiters.

Influencers know how to think outside the box and pose all the right questions. They always keep their finger on the pulse and offer insights that no one else is offering.

Following the right people in your LinkedIn feed will help you stay ahead of the curve and stand out from other recruiters in your market.

I’ve put together a list of some of the most popular and well-loved recruitment influencers you should follow on LinkedIn.

1. Kristie Perrotte

Kristie is the queen of recruitment marketing. She spent fourteen years in Communications at industry giant Robert Half before spinning out to start her own recruitment marketing agency, Thrive.

With Thrive, she’s now using her expertise to support agencies in creating marketing content and building strategies fit for a multi-million pound business – without the cost.

Why you should follow Kristie:

Whether you’re a recruiter, a recruitment marketer or an agency owner, Kristie is someone to follow on LinkedIn. She shares content that’ll help you improve your marketing, personal branding and outreach tactics, so although she’s marketing focused, her posts are valuable to anyone in the industry.

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2. Hung Lee

Any discussion about recruitment industry influencers has to include Hung Lee! Hung’s brand is ubiquitous across the recruitment industry nowadays, and for good reason.

His Recruiting Brainfood newsletter has become hugely popular since its birth a couple of years ago, and he uses his LinkedIn community as a sound board for choosing crowdcast topics that his network want to hear about.

Why you should follow Hung:

There are loads of reasons you should get hung up on Hung Lee, but the reason we love him is that he always shares fair and honest perspectives on how the industry is move forward.

Hung shares a lot of content from outside of the recruitment industry and explains why it’s relevant to recruiters, so following him will help you expand your knowledge and discover new sources that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

His page is always filled with lively discussion and he’s genuinely interested what his community has to say. If you’ve got an idea or a challenge to share, Hung’s your man.

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3. Andrew Sillitoe

Andrew Sillitoe is a business coach and Author with a wealth of experience in the recruitment industry. He’s passionate about helping business owners and solopreneurs grow their business while maintaining a healthy work-life balance – something many business owners could do with.

Andrew is also founder of the Virtual Recruitment Summit – an online event for recruitment industry experts.

Why you should follow Andrew:

Andrew’s brand focuses around motivation and self development. He posts daily live videos on his LinkedIn page throughout the week, with all the content aimed at helping you grow and develop your career.

If you’re interested in advice on how to grow your business, how to stay productive in the ‘new normal’ or avoid burnout in our hectic industry, he’s a must-follow.

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4. Louise Triance

As Managing Director of UK Recruiter, Louise is your go-to contact about recruitment industry happenings in the UK. She runs a weekly industry newsletter and her Working Lunch crowdcast is great soundtrack to your sandwich.

Louise also organises the annual Recruitment Technology showcase (RecNet), which normally takes place in London but was online this year due to lockdown.

Why you should follow Louise:

Louise has been a key figure at the UK Recruiter for over two decades now, so she’s prepared for anything this industry throws at us – pretty handy given the current crisis we’re in. She’s one of the few influencers who specialises solely in agency recruitment, making her a really valuable source to anyone working at an agency – from consultant to owner.

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5. Sarah Potter

Sarah Potter is an in-house recruiter and co-founder of Hire Write Talent – a specialist marketing firm for the recruitment industry.

Sarah made her name on LinkedIn for her straight-talking posts and hilarious recruitment content. She’s responsible for the trending LinkedIn hashtags #OneSunnyAday and #LinkedinIsSuchADrag, where she posts recruitment gifs and memes based on the hit shows It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Ru Pauls Drag Race.

Her light-hearted and personal approach to LinkedIn is entertaining and a good breather for your feed.

Why you should follow Sarah:

Sarah’s mix of comedy and quite personal content isn’t just entertaining – it’s also a good lesson for anyone struggling to get noticed in their niche.

It’s always tempting to play it safe and stick to strictly professional content on LinkedIn, but Sarah proves a bit of humour and personality goes a long way as it’s a great way to get people engaging with your posts. Follow Sarah if you’re in need of some laughs in your LinkedIn feed.

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6. Dualta Doherty

International Rec2Rec Dualta has one of the most ubiquitous personal brands of any recruiter on LinkedIn.

Dualta is big on tech and has mastered the art of using marketing automation to spread your name and message online. Along with his wife, Charlotte, they’ve managed to build a two-man company from the ground up using automation to shout louder than businesses 10 times their size.

His popular podcast, The Recruitment Startup is focused on helping new agencies succeed like he did.

Why you should follow Dualta:
Dualta knows the international recruitment market like the back of his hand, and his knowledge on how to start out as a new agency owner is second to none.

If you’re working in a smaller agency or starting your own, Dualta is the perfect person to follow to learn how to compete with the agency giants. He’s always sharing insights into how to get a new agency off the ground and stand out in a busy market.

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