How to Make Recruitment Blogging Worth Your Time

For blogging to be worth the time and effort, it must connect with the right audience. For recruiters, this means figuring out what to say, and who to say it to. One of the biggest questions for recruitment bloggers is: Do I split my focus between candidates and clients, or write for both?

In this blog, we’ll consider how you determine who your audience is, alongside understanding what you should talk about. 

Read on and discover how to make recruitment blogging worth your time...

Who Do You Write For?

Make Blogging Worth Your Time-1.pngObviously, clients and candidates are both valuable to a recruitment agency. So, if you do decide to target one over the other, make sure you have a good reason why. If you don’t, spend some time and figure out how to write for both. There's also the option to create separate sections on your blog, one for candidates and one for clients. That means candidates and clients can subscribe to the part of your blog that’s relevant to them, and it means you get visitors from both parts of your target market.

To do this well, you'd want to spend a bit of time building marketing audience personas. Over time, you’ll find your audience becomes better defined, and you'll achieve a much better return on your marketing as a result.

We're so confident that creating personas will have a really positive impact on your marketing that we created a toolkit including a persona template for you to download too. 

What Do You Write About?

Once you’ve got an idea of who your audience is and how your agency can create content to help them, it’s time to get more specific. You need to know what you’ll write about. A good place to start? Create a list of competitor blogs that are relevant to your audience, and get busy reading. Are there any industry talking points that you can tap into? Don’t just write about what your competitors are talking about. Instead find gaps, places where you can add your agency’s voice. Brainstorm some potential titles, but keep your audience in mind and your agency’s goals in focus.

You could write about what to wear to a job interview (for candidates), or how to assess soft skills (for clients). But, however you approach this, make sure your blog posts are well thought out, detailed, and comprehensive. Aim to be as definitive as possible when writing content. This will help you to build your audience up quickly, but with relevancy too.

For further information on this subject, I recommend watching Moz’s Rand Fishkin outline what he dubs ‘content comprehensiveness’. Google rewards thorough, well researched, unique writing with a higher search engine ranking, giving your content a competitive advantage, helping you reach a much wider audience.

Why Should You Be the One to Say It?

With so much content created every single day, it’s easy to end up writing the same stuff that everyone in your sector talks about. So, it’s especially important that you find your own voice. It’s not easy, but it matters. Make sure you’re not adding to the noise; create content that cuts through the chatter, that’s considered, and designed with your audience in mind.

Remember: knowing what you want to say to your audience is all about knowing why you need to say it. Having a clear sense of who your audience is provides you with a clear sense of purpose because you know what you need from them. This leads to well thought out, carefully created, and smartly tailored content that adds value to your audience, which in turn adds value to your agency.

Download our eBook below and learn about ideal word counts, how to brainstorm content plans, and how to develop your agency's house style. From word counts, to your posting schedule, we've got everything you need to create and maintain a successful recruitment agency blog.

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Andy Mckendry

Andy Mckendry is a copywriter with an MA in Professional Writing. In the early mornings he is known to gravitate towards the nearest coffee pot.

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