How to Use Feedly to Market Your Agency

Are you fed up of being behind the competition, and do you struggle to identify and stay ahead of relevant recruitment trends? Feedly is a tool that can help. Feedly is an RSS feed aggregator; in non-tech terms that means it's a free website that collects online content from a variety of different sources, enabling you to read blogs and catch up on news in one place. Feedly isn’t just a tool that saves you the hassle of clicking between websites when you’re searching for the latest news, it can really help you market your recruitment business too. Read on to find out more.

But, before we move on, please take this opportunity to pause here and add the Firefish blog to your Feedly account. You're now reading this on Feedly, right? Great.

Create Relevant Content

How to Use Feedly to Grow Your Online Reach.pngContent curation for recruitment is a relentless task; you’re constantly on the look out for relevant, interesting ideas that you can weave through your online presence – it’s central to your recruitment marketing strategy. Feedly allows you to find content easily, and then categorise it into your own social media streams. Share content from these streams direct to your social media platforms to create a varied flow of articles for your audience, and use them as ideas to bounce off in order to craft the highest quality content for your own blog or website.

Be the First to Know

Having your finger on the pulse when it comes to industry news gives you a level of perceived expertise both on and offline. As you share articles of interest online, you become a sort of news hub for candidates, it looks like you know what you’re doing so your recruiters will be able to build trust and forge relationships much more easily. This air of expertise translates offline too; talk future prospects and cutting edge trends with your clients and they’ll trust you to present their brands well when recruiting. 

Get Your Name Out There

You’re not the only one using Feedly – candidates and clients alike are using it to stay up to date with everything from hobbies to what might happen in the industry they work in over the next 6 months. Integrate Feedly into your marketing plan by producing high quality online content with a strong SEO strategy behind it, and your content will be found on Feedly by others. This is a novel way to expose your brand to people that wouldn’t otherwise interact with you, giving them a positive first impression.

Monitor Your Competition

Keeping an eye on your competition should always be on your mind in the recruitment world. Feedly will allow you to monitor the content coming from your competitors, and the figures behind that content too. The content itself will tell you what your rivals are good at, but more importantly, where their weaknesses lie. You’ll be able to see what they are targeting and with what type of product or service – if their service is a direct competitor to yours, you can simply one up them once you have this information. The figures behind their content give you a new dataset; you can see how well their articles are spreading through various online channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. If their content is reaching a big audience, ask why? Is there some aspect of this topic you can latch on to and demonstrate your own expertise?

Feedly is a brilliant tool for recruitment marketers to get to grips with; not only will it give you ideas for your own original content, it’ll allow you to integrate content from others seamlessly into your social media marketing strategy. Use it effectively to demonstrate your expertise to both clients and candidates, and it’ll help you stay ahead of your competitors too.

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Heidi Gardner

Heidi is PhD student at the University of Aberdeen. Her research focuses on the issues surrounding the recruitment of patients into clinical trials.

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