July 2022: 4 Real-Time Recruitment Statistics You Need to Know

July of 2022 brought some positive surprises to the recruitment industry, even though it is an overall quiet month for recruiters. We observed an increase in the Total Placements in comparison to the same time last year, as well as an increase in conversion rates for Contract roles.

The best way to stay in control of both your recruitment desk and pipeline is to keep up to date with live recruitment trends. The good news is, recruitment statistics are here to help. With data-driven insights, you'll be better equipped to capitalise on market conditions, no matter what challenges the industry throws your way.

Here at Firefish, we publish our Job Flow Index once a month. To give you a taste of the report, we’ve pulled together four key recruitment statistics from July 2022. With these statistics by your side, you'll be able to plan ahead, make a profit, and blast your way through August and beyond.

July saw the 2nd highest number of total placements made in 2022, the highest since March.

Even though July is generally considered a holiday month in recruitment, the number of placements made this month was the 2nd highest in the entire year of 2022. This can indicate that the market is starting to pick back up after the quieter summer months. 

While it’s not safe to assume the candidate shortage will be over any time soon, it’s great to see a general up trend in candidate placements this year.

Total Placements made increased by 7% in July compared to June, despite the number of new roles remaining constant

Considering that the number of new roles kept decreasing throughout the year 2022 (which we could see in the June statistics), the number of placements increased by 7% in July. This shows that the number of prospective candidates might be going up, despite the number of roles staying the same. 

The good news story from July’s recruitment statistics is that the number of qualified applications remained at 3, indicating a strong post-Covid recovery that is being felt across the recruitment industry right now.

There were 10% more Contract Placements made in July than the number of new Contract roles added, this shows strong conversion rates on Contract roles.

The conversion rates for Contract roles are at the all-time high and it’s great to see so many placement being made against the number of new Contract roles added.

While it’s an overall good statistic, we need to keep in mind that it might indicate that August will have a lower number. A good conversion rate brings you closer to target but remember that you will need to up your BD game in the following month in order to still hit your goals and make those placements.

There was a 6% increase in the number of Spec CVs sent in July over June.

The increase in the number of Spec CVs compared to June this year indicates a higher number of candidates showing up on the market. Considering that throughout the past few months this number kept decreasing, it's a very positive statistic that can make us hope the market is about to shift from the candidate shortage. 

This may indicate that there are more quality candidates on the market for the roles that are being sent out, as well as recruiters paying more attention to BD this year compared to last.

To uncover all the statistics from June 2022’s Job Flow Index, and to see future updates, download the full report below.

Recruitment Statistics 2022

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