8 Hilarious TikToks About Recruiting in Lockdown

Since lockdown began, one social media platform has really blown up: TikTok. If you’re not familiar with TikTok, it’s a platform where users create short videos with music, lip syncing, filters and video cuts to produce some pretty hilarious content.

And since we could all do with a laugh right now, we’re bringing you the funniest recruitment TikToks we know you can relate to!

1. When a candidate coughs during a call


It’s hard not to panic any time you hear someone cough these days.

But you know we’re really living in crazy times when a new recruitment ‘skill’ is managing not to panic and hang up when a client or candidate coughs down the phone.

2. When you work your a** off for nothing


One of the toughest realities of recruitment is that you can spend hours (or even days!) working to fill a role, only for the client to reject your shortlist last minute.

And thanks to lockdown, this is all to familiar right now! 

3. Confronting your commission blocker


Thanks to lockdown, your commission cheque isn’t going to be as big as you hoped this year, even if you hit all your KPIs.

4. The fake laugh you reserve for your best clients


We’re all guilty of sucking up to our best clients by laughing at their terrible jokes. Admit it – your clients aren’t half as funny as you pretend they are.

But right now, there aren't  a lot of jobs going around, so keep calling and laughing at their jokes – no matter how bad they are.

5. Those candidate meetings you really don’t miss 


No matter how much you miss being in the office, there will always be some candidate meetings that you don’t miss.

At least now that you’re holding all candidate screening via Zoom, you can cut short interviews with time-wasters – instead of looking for an excuse to coax them out of your office like before.

6...and the ones that make you grateful for lockdown 


Lockdown sucks, but once in while you'll have an interview with a candidate that makes you grateful you don't need to meet them in person.

Thank f*ck for Zoom meetings. 

7. Making your first BD call as a new recruiter


No matter how bad things are in lockdown, they'll never be as tough as the day you had to make your first  BD call!

8. When a prospect finally calls you back


Persistence is key in recruitment, but sometimes we can take things a little too far. But hey, we’ve got targets to reach ok?

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Sophie Cunningham

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