6 Bad Lockdown Habits We Need to Drop Before Going Back to the Office

Lockdown is finally coming to an end in the UK (Woohoo!). But after a long year of working from home with no one else around, it’s only natural that we’ve all picked up a few bad habits here and there...right?

So before you go back to the office, make sure you drop these embarrassing habits that we’re all becoming guilty of – for both you and your colleagues’ sake!

1. Wearing pyjama bottoms all day, every day

Let’s be honest, during lockdown we’ve all joined a few Zoom calls in our pyjama bottoms or worse - our underwear. If you paired them with a smart blouse or shirt, no one would know, right?

Well unfortunately, you won’t be able to get away with this in the office. No one wants to see you in your jammies, so as tough as it might be, put on something workplace-appropriate before heading off on your morning commute – and no, jogging bottoms don’t count!

At least now you have to wear trousers everyday, you won't get caught out like this guy: 

2. Skipping your morning showers

When there’s nowhere to go and no one to see, why bother showering every day?

I’m not judging anyone (lockdown has been rough), but it’s time we all pull out the soap and clean up our act – literally!

Just keep in mind, we mean showering before work; you’ll be waving goodbye to those showers between calls too.



3. Rolling out of bed 10 minutes before work

With no commute, rolling out of bed and straight onto your computer has become the standard in lockdown. And let’s be honest, that extra hour in a bed has been a dream.

But the time has come to give up on the lie-ins and say hello to your old friend, the 6am alarm. Get prepped for your first day back at office so you’re not running around like a headless chicken like this guy:


Blessings to all of you heading back to the office after lockdown

♬ original sound - Chris Parker

4. Farting at your desk

If you’ve gotten used to letting one rip during calls in the comfort of your own home, remember that in the office people will hear (and smell!) it.

Muting your mic won’t hide unwanted bodily functions anymore, so please save it for the bathroom.

On the bright side, at least you won’t make any of these Zoom fails now you’re back at the office!

5. Talking to yourself

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have gone a bit stir crazy during lockdown and started talking to yourself sometimes.

But now you’re in an office with other people, you might get some funny looks if you start chatting away to your computer.

The good news is, now you’re back in the office you don’t need to keep yourself company anymore! But you can still have a morning pep-talk with yourself before you head in for your first day…

6. Chatting to your pets all day

If you have a pet, they probably became your ‘work bestie’ during lockdown and you’ve gotten used to chatting to them throughout your workday.

But no one wants to hear you babytalk your Labrador in the office, and your colleagues and candidates don’t want to be referred to as a “good boy” either!

So please don’t start trying to call your dog for a chat during work when you go back, just bring a picture like this guy instead:

missingg dog(Picture credit: Hey Buddy Comics)

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