4 CRM Tricks That Will Boost Your Recruitment Sales

Every agency recruiter is focusing on winning jobs right now. So if you want to take your share of today’s job market, you need to ensure your sales process is seamless and that you have a CRM in place that backs it up.

You might think of your CRM as a data dump, but top performing recruiters know better. They know how to use it for what it’s built for – placing candidates and winning new business!

Here are some ways you can use your CRM to improve your recruitment sales process, win more jobs and make more placements.

1. Keep track of hot leads

crrm-for-recruitment-salesWinning new business can be a slog, especially when you’re going after multiple new prospects at once. You already have a lot to juggle as a recruiter, so use your recruitment CRM to keep track of important info about your prospects that you can learn from and use to make sales calls that convert.

And in the same way that you would use your CRM to flag your top candidates, use it to keep track of hot prospecting leads too. Create a tracking system that works for you. It doesn’t need to be complicated, I usually recommend something like:

New Company > Cold Lead > Warm Lead > Client

This will make it simple to see where all your prospects are in your pipeline and make creating targeted hitlists a breeze, as you’ll know which leads to prioritise so you can focus your time in the right places.

2. Set outreach reminders

A big part of winning clients is reaching out to them at exactly the right time, so setting reminders in your CRM can play a big part in your winning jobs.

Your CRM system should tell you who you have to call and why, and the best CRM system will even give you a little reminder of your last outreach on your call list.

If your prospect is out of the office, you can use their automatic reply to set a notification in your CRM to remind you to reach out again when the prospect is back at work. That way, your email won’t get mass deleted when the prospect comes back to 3,000 emails in their inbox.

3. Protect yourself from high-risk clients

top perks of running a recruitment agency Being a recruiter in a job-short market is tough enough at the moment without additional stress that your clients won’t pay you for your hard work. You don’t have the time to work jobs for clients who can’t pay you!

Take the time to do your own risk assessment before going after clients and offer a services that minimise risk, like retainer packages that secure you some of the fee upfront.

Your CRM should protect you too. If a client has failed their credit check, note this in your CRM so that you or your colleagues never makes the mistake of wasting time working for this high-risk client.

If you’re CRM is forward-thinking enough, it should automate client compliance for you, so everyone in your business can see at a glance if a client is worth working for – or not!

4. Perform reverse searches

When you advertise a job, you receive a number of applications – even more now we’re in a candidate-heavy market – but there’s only one job. So, once you’ve placed the successful candidate, are you using the other applicants to win business?

A good CRM will help you fill the role, but a great CRM will help you fill it and use the unsuccessful applicants to make placements down the line. That’s why Firefish Software places all of your ‘not progressing’ candidates into a quick and easy list that you can use to perform reverse searches and create new BD leads with.

With one click in a candidate’s profile, you can see every client and prospect you’ve ever engaged with who’s looking for a candidate like them, meaning you instantly have a BD list – and the perfect candidate to spec in.

If you'd like me to show you exactly how all this works in firefish, book a chat using the button below and I'll give you a call...

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Joanne Causer

Joanne is a Senior Growth Specialist at Firefish. She loves bringing on board new recruiters who are looking to recruit smarter.

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