5 Recruitment Agencies That Are Killing It on TikTok

In today’s job market, you’ve got to constantly look for new and exciting ways to strengthen your brand and engage your audience. It’s no secret that social media is a powerful tool for doing exactly that!

When TikTok launched, it was all about lip-syncing and dancing, but these days it’s one of the world’s most popular social media platforms used by brands all over the world. So why not by recruitment agencies too?

Why should you recruit on TikTok?

There are many pros and cons of using TikTok to recruit, but there’s no ignoring the fact that 44% of millennials and Gen Z use TikTok every day, showing the platform’s huge potential for engaging with and nurturing talent. These generations are taking over the employment market, so getting them interested is of huge benefit to you!

Not only is TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform in the world but it’s paving the way for the other channels. Have you noticed since it launched all the other social media platforms started incorporating the short video format? Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts…

They all came from TikTok and are the main area of engagement right now bringing you a completely new opportunity to market your jobs and showcase your expertise and the soul of your agency.

To give you inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of five recruitment agencies that are killing it on TikTok…

1. LNJ Recruitment


LNJ are mostly technology recruiters who appear to have mastered social media. They started out on Instagram and wasted no time jumping on TikTok as soon as it became popular. Their fun, light-hearted videos attract a young audience, but Revco doesn’t showcase the bubbly culture of their company for no reason – they want to send the message that working with them is a pleasure and that they create a perfect recruitment environment for young people.

The best thing about their TikToks: Being relatable to their target audience! They focus on young people searching for roles, such as recent graduates, and post content that young candidates can relate to. Lesson here? Make sure you understand who your TikTok audience is and what struggles they might encounter during their career journeys. Creating candidate personas is a great way to do this.

2. Logistics People


With over 230,000 likes, it’s fair to say this England-based temp agency is slaying on TikTok! They are recruiters in the logistics industry and, similarly to LNJ, post fun and relatable content.

They don’t shy away from jumping on trends, using popular sounds, and using relevant hashtags. Showing behind the scenes of their work, tours around the office, and documenting events are just a few ways they create good content.

The best thing about their TikToks: We’re constantly reminding our clients of the importance of employer branding that puts their company culture on display. This is something Logistics People practice and preach on TikTok. If I was a candidate looking for a recruiter to work with, I’d happily swim on over to them knowing that they’re approachable and have the candidates' best interests in mind.

3. Boden Group


This recruitment agency is absolutely killing it on TikTok! They post consistently and vary their content between fun and educational, giving the viewers both entertainment and insights into the recruitment industry.

The best thing about their TikToks: Not only do they use TikTok for brand awareness, but they also use it to help candidates succeed in their job search. They answer the viewers’ questions on how to apply for roles, how to use the STAR method in interviews, and more.

4. Ambitions Personnel


Beware – the tea is being spilled! This agency doesn’t hesitate to share some industry secrets, hacks, and tips for fresh candidates to help them gain their dream roles. Of course, they still invite you to their office for some BTS content, but a lot of their videos are focused on educating and helping candidates.

The best thing about their TikToks: They genuinely want to help their audience get their dream roles. Providing free value such as this is one of the best organic growth strategies on social media and they do it well.

When you come across genuine and give your viewers something that makes their lives easier, they will keep coming back and start to trust your brand.

5. Essential Recruitment


Welcome the trend masters! These recruiters seem to know social media inside and out and adapted to the TikTok takeover very quickly. They thrive on trending sounds, hashtags, and are great at adapting general trends to their niche.

The best thing about their TikToks: The ability to utilize trends: Starting from video length, popular sounds and hashtags, and even funny formats – they absolutely nailed it! Doing everything right from the technical side will help you work alongside the algorithm and push your content to a bigger audience.

So don’t hesitate and jump on the TikTok train! It might take a while to feel comfortable with it and see results, but the benefits can be worth it. It’s also a great way to create quick fresh content that can be shared on Instagram Reels and LinkedIn stories too.


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