6 Star Wars Gifs That Sum up Being a Recruiter

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was once a recruiter. With May the 4th coming up in the calendar, it occurred to me that some of the challenges that recruiters face are not so different to those witnessed in the Skywalker saga!

From bartering with Jawas and making BD calls to mentoring a young padawan and prepping a candidate for an interview: Here are some Star Wars gifs that sum up being a recruiter!

When you have to deliver harsh interview feedback to your candidate


We’ve all been there - giving bad interview feedback to your favourite candidate can be a tough part of the job… Although probably not akin to mustering the strength to kill the legendary smuggler Han Solo (who also happens to be your father!). What we’re trying to say is – there are worse things in the galaxy than delivering bad news.

Trying to explain to your client that their Job Spec is looking for an unrealistic candidate


We all had those clients who confused a job spec with a wish list and sent you a new vacancy for someone with a wide variety of skills, low salary expectations, and lengthy experience of using a very specific software only seen in the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

A quick Jedi mind trick would certainly come in handy here when managing client expectations, especially in today’s market!

When your candidate accepts a counteroffer

giphy (1)-3

There are few worse feelings in recruitment than sourcing the perfect candidate, training them for the interview that will bring balance to your pipeline, securing the right offer… Only to see them turn their back to the dark side and accept a counteroffer from their current employer.

Getting KPIs for the first time, and thinking they are simply ‘indicators’

giphy (2)-May-02-2023-11-57-59-1032-AM

Most recruiters will remember the first time they were presented with KPIs - and whilst many agencies differ in their approach, it’s common for new recruiters to face the wrath of their older colleagues for failing to reach the expected number of BD calls.

Spotting job adverts that are far too good to be true

giphy (3)-May-02-2023-11-58-51-8389-AM

Looking at job ads daily allows many recruiters to develop a sixth sense for identifying the ones that are a little too good to be true. When the description contains terms such as ‘Direct Marketing’ and ‘Flexibility with working hours’ recruiters will tell friends and family to jump to hyperspace instead of applying.

Getting that call from a candidate who is accepting an offer

giphy (4)-4

It’s not all doom and gloom in the recruitment universe: Sometimes the force is strong in your perfect candidate when they nail their interview. And if your client acts quickly to get a decent offer on the table on top of that, you can put your feet up and celebrate!

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