How to Get the Word Out About Your New Agency

A new start-up needs lots of TLC, and there are lots of things to consider when working out how to make your new business go the distance. Getting your brand out there with some effective marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, and should be sitting pretty near the top of your list. Here are my top 4 ways to get started:

spread_the_word.fw1.fw.pngBrand new

Before you start spreading the word, have good think about what your message is. Your company brand needs to be clear, strong, consistent and professional. Make sure you’ve thought through every facet of how your brand will come across before shouting about it from the rooftops. Does your company have a particular identity you want to put across? Is there a sector you want to home in on? Keep your target clients and candidates in mind at all times when branding.

Make sure to keep consistency through all mediums: your website, letters, newsletter, email, social media, brochures etc. For the website, it’s worth really investing time and money to produce a ‘shop window’ to your company that you’re happy with. After all, it’ll be the all-important first impression for many prospective clients and candidates. Once you have your logo and the overall look of your website designed, it’s worth looking into getting some graphics designed for social media and email so that the look is kept uniform and looks crisply professional from the outset. 

Social animals

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. 79% of job seekers use social media to look for work. With young people heading online to find jobs, your social presence is hugely important. It’s best to start as you mean to go on as soon as you create your social media channels, to attract candidates and eventually secure placements. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are all great platforms for networking and linking up with peers, future clients and job seekers.

As well as spreading the word, social media can be used to build and maintain relationships with clients, peers, job seekers and even rival companies. LinkedIn can be a great platform for discussing corporate issues, and is a great way to know the key business players in your area. Create a sleek company profile and post regular updates and discussion points to maintain awareness of your new brand. Like a good sauce, consistency is key when it comes to social media.

ID-10022149.jpgWork your niche

Know your area. If your recruitment is focused on a particular niche, then get clued-up about your chosen sector. What companies are near-by that could be potential clients? Where are recruiter events held? Are people in that niche more likely to use a particular type of social media platform? Use social media to get a clear idea of the local talent and the thriving sectors within it. Keep up to date on relevant trending issues and hot topics. It pays to keep your finger on the pulse.

Hello, it’s me…

Socialising doesn’t all have to happen behind a screen. Don’t forget about the good old-fashioned meet-and-great: a great way to get to know clients and put a face to your brand…

  • Pick up the phone: Make like Adele and don’t be afraid to get on the blower to make contacts. Calls are a great deal more personal than email and people might be more likely to respond to a company who makes the effort to reach out.
  • Go to meetings: Get your face out there as much as possible to become familiar with the people you’re dealing with. Building a great rapport with your clients is invaluable.
  • Recruitment events: Regular attendance at recruitment events will set up your status as an established company and will be the perfect opportunity to create new contacts and suss out the local climate.
  • Expand your network: It’s always worth building up your contacts and getting to know any new faces on the scene. A friendly face can go a long way!

New Call-to-action

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Gillian Furmage

Gillian is a freelance journalist based in Glasgow. She has a Masters in Digital Journalism and love a trip to the theatre in her spare time.

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