Stop Losing Candidates - Up Your Recruitment Dating Game

We’ve all been there: you’ve finally managed to find the ideal candidate for that really hard-to-fill role and you’ve gotten them to the final interview stage – or even secured an offer - but then you find out that they’re accepting another role. Why?! Your dreams are crushed, what does this other role have that yours doesn’t? They were perfect, you were perfect… but were you really?

Make sure you’re doing all you can as the face of opportunity and read on to find out what you can do during interviews to get that excellent candidate chasing you for an offer!

1. Remain approachable and engaged throughout

If you seem distracted during the interview, then chances are that you won’t be making any new friends – or gaining anyone’s trust. Even if everyone else in the process was lovely, you could be ruining it for everyone! Make your candidates feel at ease and show interest in them by smiling, making eye contact and repeating good points they’ve made during the interview. Even if your diary is packed, a quick mention at the start that you need to dash into a meeting at 1500 will set expectations of duration and make it clear than any glances towards a clock are not a reflection on them. Candidates need to like you to work with you – people buy from people, right?

2. Re-enforce exciting parts of the role

An attractive advert is your hot profile picture, but you need substance to make things last. Remember to re-enforce the exciting and fun parts of the role at interview, going into more detail around specific areas that your candidate has expressed an interest in. Not only will this show that you’ve been listening, but it will help to make them feel like this is the perfect role for them and they might even start fantasising about being able to do all these wonderful things every day!

3. Highlight the company’s selling points

The right candidate will care about who they are working for, so tell them about your client’s culture, awards, innovations and future plans. This is especially important if the open position is pretty standard within the industry or you already know that the candidate is interviewing for similar roles. Did you pay attention to why they’re looking for something new (all the things they hate about their ex)? Take each of these points and use them to determine what will appeal the most, then use this to your advantage.

4. Discuss opportunities for career progression

If your candidate is working towards career goals now, it’s reasonable to assume that they’ll search for their next step again in the future. Pre-empt this by discussing potential opportunities for progression and promotion with your magnificent client’s company and give your candidate lots to look forward to. You want a mountain-top house with a garden? Me too! Awesome sauces.

5. Summarise USPs before parting ways

It doesn’t hurt to hear a good thing twice – summarise the unique selling points of this opportunity and make sure there is no doubt about this being the perfect match for your candidate. Always be realistic about what’s on offer, but point out so many good things that the extra twenty minutes on the commute seems like nothing. End on a high and leave with all parties feeling positive about the future.

How many of these are you doing already? Do you have any success stories or tales of woe to share? Join the discussion and comment below.

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Cassandra Leung

Cassandra is a Tester, UX enthusiast, blogger, speaker, software investigator, quality activist. Ex-product owner, -business analyst.

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