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Why Are Recruiters so Bad at Hiring Other Recruiters

Recruitment methods have seen some great improvements recently. The best recruiters are now blending their experience and know-how with the latest technology to source candidates better and make great placements. There is still one area where recruitment practice is lagging behind though, the hiring of new recruiters! Here we see some of the worst examples of old-school recruiting, and it’s holding the recruitment sector back!

Good recruiter hires have been notoriously hard to consistently source for a number of reasons:

  • What makes a good recruiter?They don’t train for it – recruiters come from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds, and while there are some recognised qualifications, they’re not widespread enough for us to use them.
  • It’s different to hiring sales – whilst selling is a part of the job, recruiters need to be able to see beyond a simple sale, and understand the importance of developing longer term relationships between themselves, clients, and candidates.
  • The best recruiters often find it more by accident than by design – our own CEO, Wendy, only found herself in recruiting when she applied for an entry level IT/technology role and was invited to join the recruitment agency that sourced her instead. Within 5 years she was their top biller!

Hiring recruiters has always been a pot luck, with candidates being ‘given a shot’ in a way that any self-respecting recruiter wouldn’t dream of doing when sourcing for a client. Modern systems and the rise of social media mean that we don’t have to work on these loose assumptions any more. We should recruit for ourselves like we do for our clients!

Before you can know where you’re going…

It’s important to know where you’re coming from. In the past, recruiters would look at a potential recruiter and consider the following:

  • Are they personable, do they say they like to meet people?
  • Do they seem to be money motivated?
  • Do they say they have access to a niche?

And then, the final (and for many recruiters, key) feature:

  • Do they have that ‘black magic’ which will make them successful?

Every recruiter is looking for a different ‘black magic’ quality. Some people don’t want university graduates because they’re ‘too soft’, others will want graduates from specific degrees that teach what they see as a necessary trait. It’s entirely speculative and, for most agencies, relying on it is shooting yourself in the foot because there’s no way to guarantee consistent success.

How Recruiters SHOULD be hired

Take. Your. Time. A client wouldn’t want you to rush your selection and throw someone into a role because you ‘think they have potential’. Apply the same critical methods to the hiring of your own talent that you do to your clients. If you don’t, you’re not only doing your business a disservice, you’re doing the clients that work with them a disservice.

Applicants need to prove their valueMany of the important claims a recruiter makes can now be crosschecked online. If someone says they have loads of connections, check it on Linkedin. If they say they have niche connections in a specific sector, ask them to show you those connections online. Do they claim to be really involved in a community? Go and see if you can spot them on different forums and groups. 

TIP: Recruiters should have at least 500 contacts on Linkedin. If an applicant has fewer than that, how are they going to consistently source great candidates and new business?

Give the applicants a real taste of recruitment.

A lot of applicants enter the world of recruitment without a clear idea of what it really entails. This can cause problems down the line. Set up an interview situation for them and see how much information they can get, simulate a phone call with a potential client, or simply have them write a job ad and explain how they’d promote it. This a great way to find out how a candidate performs in a given situation, while also showing them the nuts and bolts of recruiting. This way candidates who haven’t properly thought it through can pass on the role now, rather than 6 months in.

Matching old school techniques with new technology has already done wonders for recruitment. The next big step is turning those techniques inwards on your own hiring practices. You'll produce better recruiters, who are better suited to the niches they work in. In turn, they will make better placements and build stronger relationships. So start hiring properly today; your clients, candidates, and business partners will thank you.

Oh, and to hire the best recruiters, you need to write the best job adverts. Check out our whitepaper below on how to put together a compelling job ad and draw the best talent to you.

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About the Author: Alex is a freelance marketer and podcast host working in Glasgow.

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