5 Ways to Slash Your Budget So You Can Invest in the Best CRM

When we reach out to prospects about our award-wining recruitment software, we often hear people’s concerns and hesitance over committing to another business expense.

Look, we get it, wherever you look, you’ll hear stories of rising prices. From petrol to bananas, it’s almost impossible to avoid the rocketing cost of living. However, unlike that ripe bunch of bananas, your recruitment software is an investment and the world’s best recruitment CRM delivers a positive ROI each month – helping you to counter those ever-increasing expenses. 

With us by your side, your agency can recruit your way through the current candidate-short market and collect a stack of cash as you go!

Here are 5 ways to slash your agency's outgoings so that you can make room for Firefish Software – aka the best investment you’ll make all year! 

1. Stop paying taxes 

Ron Swanson Budget SlashThere are a few ways you can escape the clutches of the taxman. My personal favourite is to regularly change your identity and appearance so that, in the taxman's eyes, you're a whole new person. Sure it takes some dedication and skill, but so does running an agency!  

The trick is to stop paying tax, and change who you are around once every five years or so when the heat really starts to kick in and the law comes knocking.  

The good news is, Firefish Software is cloud-based, so even if you get caught, you won’t need to stop recruiting as you'll be able to manage your team and access your database from the mobile phone you smuggle into prison (cough).

2. Stop all recruiter commission 

If you want to change the way you recruit forever, you need to have the best possible tools by your side – right? RIGHT!  

Surely this is something your recruiters will totally understand once you’ve cut their commission to make way for your shiny new CRM. After all money doesn't buy happiness!  

With a fin-tastic piece of kit like ours, your recruiters will save hours of admin time, be able to find talent (even in a candidate-shortage) and so many more benefits, that'll surely they'll be too busy making placements to miss the money. 

Better yet, once the word gets out about your new state-of-the-art recruitment software and commission-free workplace culture, top billers from other agencies will be desperate to come on board. It's win-win!  

3. Decrease your coffee intake 

Coffee breakThe average cost of a takeaway latte is £3.32 in the UK right now (and rising!) This means, that all you need to do is slash your modest two-coffees-a-day habit to ensure you save you £132.80 a month.  

Sure coffee is nice, but has it ever made a placement? Of course it hasn’t, in fact it’s a total myth that coffee increases productivity! The truth is, coffee breaks decrease productivity. So if you want to save money and increase productivity, slash the coffee habit and book a demo today.   

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4. Scrap the incentives  

carrot-gifIncentivising recruiters is a fairly conventional management technique. The idea is that if they achieve a particular goal, they’ll be rewarded. It's the classic carrot on a stick method. But answer me this: how often do you sit down to consider the real costs of all those carrots? 

To make way for your latest CRM, you could always slash the expense of fancy incentives from your budget. Here's how to go about it...  

  • Club lunches – gone 
  • Company holidays – gone 
  • Early finish – too good to be true! 
  • The Christmas party – Santa works hard and your recruiters should too. 

That wasn’t so difficult was it?  

5. Stop hiring experienced recruiters   

rookie-gifThe aim of the game is to slash your budget and what better way to do this than by hiring 3-4 rookie recruiters for the price of a single experienced recruiter.  

Just think about the savings you'll make on wages! You'll have more than enough to spend on all the latest and greatest recruitment technology which will help your agency rocket. Think of it this way: the amazing technology you now have will help balance out the lack of experience among your new fresh-faced team. 

Better yet, if you're stuck replacing staff because your team quit when you stopped paying taxes, slashed commission and generally made work less bearable, the newbies won’t know any different and are far less likely to rebel.  

Disclaimer: Aside from the fact that Firefish Software is the world’s best CRM, everything in this blog should be taken with a pinch of salt.  

 Happy April Fools! 

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David Connolly

David is a Senior Growth Outreach Specialist at Firefish. After working as a 360 recruiter, he loves innovating recruitment with Firefish Software.

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