10 Reasons Why Being a Recruiter is Awesome

Whether you're thinking of getting a job in recruitment or you've been in this career for years, sometimes it's good to take a step back and think about the reasons why having a job at a recruitment agency is so great.

From building great relationships to earning great money, working in recruitment can be seriously rewarding. 

Here's our top ten reasons why being a recruitment consultant is awesome!

1. You change candidates' lives

When you offer a great candidate their dream job, there’s no better feeling in the world. 

And as a recruiter, you know that your coaching and guidance throughout the hiring process helped them secure the job that they’ve been searching for.  

Giving candidates good news never gets old, and when you make a candidate happy by being great at your job, they'll come straight back to you when they're ready to make their next job move. 

2. You have lots of independence

Unlike many professions, recruiters have a great deal of autonomy over their day-to-day workload. Once you have your targets in place, how you reach them is entirely up to you. 

If you're continually gaining more business and getting people into jobs, your independence will continue to grow as you build trust between yourself and your managers. 

3. You earn good money

In recruitment, the more placements you make, the more money you earn. Simple as that!

Unlike other jobs where your salary is only increased when your employer decides the time is right, as a recruiter you have control of your own fate. You’re rewarded finanically for the hard work you do and there’s no limits to how much money you can make – not bad, eh?  

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4. Recruitment has loads of job variety 

No two days are the same in recruitment, one day you could be out meeting clients, the next you could be at an assessment centre advising candidates how to write a CV

And it's not just your day-to-day duties that vary. The job market is always changing and presenting new challenges, so how you do your job one month may totally change the next.

Staying innovative and testing out new tactics is a must if you want to stay ahead of the game - which means you'll never get bored! 

5. You meet a lot of new people

One is the best things about being a recruiter is getting the opportunity to meet so many different and interesting people.

From CEO’s to graduates, you get to meet a wide variety of people from all walks of life. And because recruitment is all about speaking with people and building relationships, you get to make friends, not just associates.

6. The competition is thrilling

If you enjoy competition then recruitment is the perfect career for you!

You need to constantly innovate your strategy, try out new and interesting ways to grab the attention of hard-to-find candidates and always be winning new business to become the recruiter in your niche.

And when you beat your competition and come out on top it’s exhilarating – not something you can say about every job.

7. You learn lots of transferable skills

Every business in every industry need recruiters, so the chances are throughout your career you'll be involved in recruiting for more than one sector.

This gives you the opportunity to be constantly learning the ins and outs of other industries, which is really invaluable.

The knowledge you gain can be helpful if you ever decide to make a career move, as you'll have picked up in-depth industry knowledge and related skills, and best of all - a huge network of valuable contacts!

8. You improve your client's business

Every business knows they have to hire top talent to get the best results.

If you hire someone for your client who goes on to become a fantastic employee, then your client is going to be extremely grateful. You have the potential to really make your mark by hiring strategically for your client in a way that contributes to their business growth.

And there’s no denying that’s a good feeling!

9. Your colleagues are a blast   

It’s rare to meet a recruiter who’s a shrinking violet, which means a career in recruitment guarantees you an office full of outgoing chatty colleagues.

It’s a great environment to meet likeminded and fun people, so you'll easily make great friends that ensure every workday (and work night out!) is a blast.

10. Recruitment keeps you on your toes

How many people do you know who can honestly say their jobs are exciting? Probably not many, but recruiting is one of the most exciting and fast-paced industries to work in. Whether it’s securing someone a job or closing a business deal there is always something thrilling going on! 

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Alan McFadden

Alan is the Associate Director of Growth at Firefish. An agency recruiter in a former life, he loves helping recruiters find ways to recruit smarter.

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