The 3 Employee Benefits That Matter Most to Candidates

From office dogs and ping pong tables to unlimited holiday allowances, businesses are pulling out all the stops to retain current staff and impress potential candidates. But what are the go-to perks to mention in your job ads that are most likely to convince a job seeker to click the ‘apply now’ button? We’ve got the stats!

employee benefits candidates love-minResearch has shown that non-salary benefits have become more important to job seekers in recent years. A report by Jobsite revealed that as much as 86% of passive candidates could be tempted towards a new role purely based on good employee benefits, and another survey by Glassdoor indicated that 80% would prefer a benefits package over a pay increase!

It’s clear that having some interesting benefits to boast of in your job adverts could substantially impact how many applicants you receive to a role. But what are the benefits that matter most to candidates?

1. Flexible working hours

There’s no doubt that flexibility is top of the priority list for most job seekers these days. In fact, a recent study by Fractl revealed that 88% of candidates claim they would choose a job with flexible hours and a lower salary over a higher-paying job with set working hours! 

Having the freedom to manage your time more independently isn’t just a massive pull for candidates either, as it can actually work out cost effective for businesses too. With a flexible working structure, employees are encouraged to manage their own time more effectively and work around doctor’s appointments and other commitments. 

Another major bonus of mentioning flexibility in your job ads is that this will instantly appeal to experienced top talent returning to work after a period of leave. One recruitment business owner recently spoke of the “utter madness” of businesses refusing to offer flexible working, as it was preventing quality talent re-entering the workforce.

Any job-seekers who are in a position where they categorically need flexibility (due to childcare commitments, for example) will often filter results to only show opportunities that offer a level of flexibility, so including this perk in your job ads could see your application numbers increase substantially.

2. Work-from-home options

Similarly, candidates are beginning to expect a certain level of flexibility when it comes to where they work, not just when. And as long as they get their work done, what’s the harm? Having a flexible policy regarding where staff are allowed to work also shakes the idea that if they’re sat at their desk, they’re working!

Home-working options is also great for employee morale. 93% of candidates say it would make them feel more trusted and valued at the company and some even say they’d take a substantial pay cut to be able to work from home. So what's stopping businesses from offering this as an option?

3. Training/ personal development opportunities

Research by Hays UK found that the second most important pull factor that attracts candidates to an opportunity was career development (the first was a good work-life balance, FYI!).

Having the confidence to jump ship from current role can be difficult, so candidates need reassurance that a move is going to be a good an investment – and personal development opportunities are the best way to convince them.

If you can offer some solid proof that the candidate is going to become substantially more skilled and employable by taking on the opportunity, this is a big bonus. If the company is able offer some structured personal development or recognised training, make sure you shout about it in your job ad.

What do these benefits have in common?

Maybe you’ve already noticed a common thread in all the above benefits… none of them are directly money- related!

Facilitating these benefits will inevitably cost a business time (and of course, we all know time is money!) but think of it this way: How much cash could a company potentially save on hiring/recruitment costs when they hire a candidate quick-sharp thanks to a super enticing job ad showing off an excellent benefits package?

And how much money does a company waste each time they lose an employee to a business with better benefits that speak directly to the candidate’s needs? It’s definitely something worth thinking about! 

Employee benefits are just one part of the perfect job ad formula - download the eBook below to find out what the other ingredients are!

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Katie Paterson

Katie once headed up the Firefish blog and marketing team. She now works as a freelance copywriter and continues to contribute to our award-winning blog.

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